The Slippery Slope to a Book Addict

HarlequinI became interested in romance at an early age. They were the books with the happy ending. I read the normal little girl stuff. You know all about those bears, all American girls and those blonde chicks in the valley. In middle school I feel in love with Darrell Curtis from the Outsiders. I lived for Christopher Pike and R.L. Stein, although romance was not the main theme.

My bestie did me a solid and snuck me a few of her father’s (yes, one of those elusive male romance readers) Harlequin books when I was in the seventh grade, because she knew I loved to read and thought I would enjoy one of his books. Back then Harlequin was a lot tamer. I knew something was happening behind those doors. How else would you explain the pregnant secretary or the nice lady married and pregnant to the Sheikh.
After Harlequin I was on my way. I discovered historical romance, my favorite the men in skirts. I love Johanna Lindsey, The HeirHighland romances shout out to my ladies who agree (give the lowland hell!). From historical I discovered dark paranormal. Now, I am over my dark period and prefer my paranormal on the funny side. I still enjoy wolves, vamps and all paranormal has to offer. The biggest part of my heart belongs to science fiction romance. So a big thanks to digital publishers. I now get to read paranormal, interracial romance, rubenesque , erotica and science fiction romance or anything else I can think of. I came along way from the girl who hated to go into my local book store because I knew the checkout guy was judging my Fabio cover.

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