Afterglow, Cherry Adair (Review)

Imagine a powerful drug appropriately named Rapture with the capabilities to not only have you lose your sexual inhibitions but cause death. For Rand Maguire a security specialist, this became a reality at a high-profile Hollywood wedding his agency was charged with securing. As the son of the founding chemist he knew the lethal and devastating effects since Rapture killed his mother. Throw in his ex-Dakota with her special abilities, who he blames for his familial downfall and you have an interesting adventure that takes place all over Europe.

When I began reading Afterglow, I did not realize it was a sequel. The amount of background information provided made me curious enough to check. Afterglow, is the second book in the Lodestone series the first is Hush.

I liked the whole conspiracy theory and not knowing who was good or bad. I must say this was not a predictable read. Normally I can predict the ending. The concept was extremely original, well executed and I did enjoy the paranormal aspect. Often I find authors lose points when they combine suspense and paranormal. Dakota’s ability and how it was portrayed was believable.

I was on the fence in regards to Rand and Dakota’s relationship. Don’t get me wrong I wanted them to work. However, I would have liked to see her make him work harder for her forgiveness. I love flawed heroes because in the real world no one is perfect. Therefore, if he would have worked harder for Dakota’s forgiveness and their relationship he would have been redeemed in my eyes, because it came so easily I liked instead of loved him.


Marcia Bookswagger: three crowns, swagger jacked decent read. The conclusion was unexpected and I enjoyed her writing style.

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