Hot Under Pressure (Review)

Hot Under Pressure by Louisa Edwards the final book in The Rising Star Chef Trilogy. Skye Gladwell and Henry Beck an estranged married couple have not seen each other for 10 years. Skye and Henry married young they have a history of a struggling young couple separated by military service and miscarriage. The estranged couple reunites for the first time on a reality cooking show contest, competing for the title on their respective teams and side bet for a clean divorce. Along the way to the final challenge Skye and Henry realize they still have feelings for each other and work to resolve past misunderstandings.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns. Hot Under Pressure was a sweet story. Skye was not a complicated character, most of the issues belonged to Henry. He threw up emotional road blocks the size of boulders. This story was all about emotions and past mistakes. I can tell Hot Under Pressure was a wrap up of the series with the back stories of other characters being resolved. I did feel this story was more about Henry then Skye so I am glad Henry got his gal. If you follow the series then you were probably happy to catch a glimpse into your character lives again.

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