Chick with some Sense, Savage Awakening J.D. Tyler(Review)

Savage Awakening by J.D. Tyler is the second title in the Alpha Series. Rowan Chase a LAPD officer uses her mandatory leave after discharging her weapon to follow a lead to locate her missing brother Micah Chase a member of the alpha team. Rowan finds the alpha compound and meets Aric Savage a missing alpha team member on a mission to rescue Micah. While supporting her brother during his recovery Rowan and Aric relationship develops along with her friendship with the other members of the alpha team. Aric fights his desire to mate Rowan although it will lead to his death, feeling unworthy of a mates love. Aric feels he is the reason half his team is MIA and his team now has to deal with his step sister Beryl as well as her lover the evil faerie king Malik the big bad of the Alpha series.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns. This was a nice read full of supporting characters, you get the feeling all alpha team members will eventually get a story. This is my first time reading the series and I did not have a hard time following or understanding the world of the alpha team. I liked Rowan she was a tough chick, who was not over done. I have seen tough chicks over done and fight the relationship to long and make choices that did not make since much to my frustration. That did not happen in this book.

J.D. Tyler has built a world where wolves are born and made. The alpha team was made during a fight in Afghanistan (I refuse to spoil it for you) so it makes it plausible for human men to be turned into wolves (which is why realist Danielle likes it). Her world also consists of witches and other magical beings. This series is just picking up speed I can tell it is going to get darker and a host of magical creatures or going to get some attention so if this something you enjoy you might want to join the alpha pack team.

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