I laughed and laughed, Think Like A Man

My friend Teasha B and I started out to the movie theater to see Think Like A Man with some trepidation. In our minds we had visions of another he did us wrong movie showcasing the ills of black men and the struggles of black women trying to find a good black man, a story we’ve heard one to many times. I knew the story was based on Steve Harvey’s book Act Like a Lady,Think Like a Man. A book Steve Harvey has leveraged into a series of advice Columns like the one featured in Essence Magazine. Now I am not a relationship expert and advice is not something I am here to disburse all I want to tell you is GO SEE THE MOVIE. A complete turnaround from what I thought I would be saying.

When Teasha and I walked into to the theater we thought we were being punked. We sat down after walking a full circle to find just the right seats. There was one seat left beside my poor friend and a group of middle age female stragglers walked in and for some reasons one member of their group decided they wanted the empty seat beside us instead of sitting with their party. Although she did not come to the decision quickly it took some loud debating on her part in the already dark theater. Frequent food and loud ringtone interruptions from our addition aside the movie was great.

The movie lightly touched on issues seen dating. We all know black women are more likely to be college educated than their male counter parts, they are buying whatever they want or need for themselves. You see that relationship played by Taraji P. Henson and she is dating the fine Michael Ealy from Barbershop. He is still fine, I had to insert a picture because the swagger is too delicious. There is the character Gabrielle Union is playing trying to get the ring after being with her man played by Jerry Ferrara for 9 years, since they were college students. You have the single mother with a child dating the mama’s boy played by Regina Hall and Terrence J. The next couple is the player Romany Malco and Megan Fox who is tired of guys taking her cookies then leaving the next day so now she is following the books 90 day rule. I already mentioned my favorite Michael Ealy he is the guy with potential meaning he is broke right now dating the mega successful Taraji P. Henson. Kevin Hart is hilarious as the recently divorced guy and Gary Owen the happily married guy the only one with his act together from the beginning.

Check the movie out it is not like those plays turned into movies we have been seeing a lot of (wink, wink you know the ones I mean) we were both pleasantly surprised and glad we went. You will laugh! If you don’t laugh, call me out.

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