On the Prowl (Review)

On the Prowl by Christine Warren, is the newest book in the Other series. Saskia and Nicolas tiger shifters have an arranged marriage. The marriage was arranged by their families when Saskia was 8 and Nicolas 19. Now 20 years later we find the couple in NYC ready to start life as a power Other couple if the family has a say in it. The couple wants to begin the mating frenzy but before they can begin they must find out who is framing Nicolas and all tiger shifters for a crime guaranteed to pit tiger against all others.

The couple has to deal with finding a balance between each others as mates. Saskia is not the 100% meek tiger mate Nicolas expected and Saskia is not as happy being meek as she thought she would be. In a town where all others are suspicious of tiger shifters the two will stand together to solve the issue of the massive setup all while working on creating the baby the needed before they will be considered bonded per tiger shifter laws.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four crowns. I have been following this series since I discovered Walk on the Wild Side in my local Wally World. I am officially hooked. One thing about the Other series I enjoy is you do not have to read the entire series, nor do you have to read them in order to comprehend or enjoy any book in the series. I jumped into the series and read them out of turn and was very comfortable. On the Prowl was funny, sexy and surprising. I loved alpha Nicolas, I loved seeing him so confused by his feelings for his arranged bride Saskia. Marriage to his arranged bride was not what he expected. His character handled it like a grown tiger for the most part, not bemoaning issues or dragging things out in an effort to create conflict. Nicolas acted like the head of a clan bull-headed, stubborn but willing to compromise. Even he was surprised at some of the choices he made when it came to his mate but a man in love rarely follows a logical path.

Saskia is another one of those characters based off real women that make you say jeez and you think you are not going to like, just like Ava in Your So Vein. You will definitely root for her, to train her man on how to treat his alpha mate.

For fans that follow the series we get to see some of the ladies and the men we fell in love with from previous books. Although they give poor Nicolas a hard time accusing him of crimes he did not commit. Fans will not regret peeking in on the others in On The Prowl.



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