Coveted, A lot of OCD by Shawntelle Madison (Review)

Coveted is the first in the series by Shawntelle Madison. Natalya Stravinsky a werewolf suffering from OCD is an outcast and barely tolerated by her pack. Between lusting after her ex-boyfriend, the new guy she met in therapy and trying to avoid becoming a victim in the turf war between the Long Island werewolves and the pack that exiled, Natalya is a busy wolf. Natalya is embraced by her eccentric friend Aggie her grandmother but a rogue wolf doesn’t stand a chance in a turf war. Natalya has to come to terms with her place in or outside of the pack with her ex back the current alpha and being the low wolf on the totem pole. Will she stand and fight or will she turn her back on the pack and ultimately her family just as they did to her?

Bookswagger Marcia: Three crowns. The book was different. I enjoyed the concept of a female rogue werewolf and one with OCD at that! When I read the synopsis I knew this was one I had to read. This is urban fiction so I know romance is not expected but the blurb did lead me to expect more than I received although I am sure that was just me. I enjoyed all the characters especially Natalya Stravinsky’s sidekick Aggie. She had an overeating problem which we do not see with wolves. Unfortunately there were items in the book keeping me from rating the book a four. The action scenes were not very clear I read them but I cannot tell you how they went down. There are some scenes where old magic saved the day in but I cannot tell you how.

The one thing that really got me though is Natalya OCD spiraled out of control when the pack leader son Thorn left. Now he is back as pack leader and he just walks in says hi no, I believe it was “hey you” and everything is ok. You are back on team Thorn. No discussion, no cold shoulder nothing. I will be reading the next book Kept, because there has to be something more, she has to react to how he dissed her right?

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