Nonshifters get it in too, Haven Rules of Mating (Review)

Haven: Rules of Mating by Nia K. Foxx, a shifter paranormal romance about Ashlei Preen the only shifter born to shifters in the small shifter community of Haven. Ashlei has lived an almost nonexistent love life, the shifters in her community believing her birth defect might somehow be contagious. That is all changed when new big city sheriff Seth Riddick moves to Haven. The wolf shifter sees in Ashlei the sexy potential mate she is. He pursues her with the entire town looking on. Seth and Ashlei, shifting wolf shifter and non-shifting feline shifter find their way to becoming permanent mates while the whole town looks on.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. I liked this book. Seth was a modern alpha male. Took him a bit to take what he wanted but when he warmed up and the book started to get really good, it was nearly over. I will continue to read the series, Rules of Mating started cute. There was a lag in middle although the book ended well with Seth and Ashlei finally mated, making plans for the future and a serial killer on the loose. Rules of Mating definitely left us wanting more, I felt the good stuff was just starting when the book ended. The supporting characters are funny and bring so much to the book. I want to know more about Havens deputy and Ashlei’s sister. Basically this is a town you want to visit again.

Sometimes we get comfortable with being thought of a certain way and we just wallow in it, which Ashlei did a bit in the book, but she did come around after all she is the alpha bitch now. The book was funny, I liked the way the background characters treated her mating as a town holiday as if she didn’t have a hope of ever getting married. This is a good book to read and I plan to look out for more, I think she is going to nail it next time. Everything this author writes I compare to my favorite book of hers Gargoyle’s Mate which is a definite four crowns.

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