T and A, Tempest and Accepting the Dragon (Review)

Tempest by Dahlia Rose

Tempest a Louisiana bayou native with the sight has spent her life alone, persecuted by the small town of Cormina Parish. Viewed as a witch because of her gift Tempest is more comfortable living on the outskirts of town. A vision of wolf shifters Alex Wakefield and Dominic Cross the newest residents of Cormina Parish show her as their mate. Tempest confronts the vision head on by taking the information to the two shifters because her visions never lie.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Tempest was an interesting read containing an interracial ménage. I have read many books by Dahlia and enjoy her take on IR stories especially her military romances. Dahlia has done ménages before but this one was longer than I expected something I hope to see more. The story had a plot with backstory and the book was nice but a little lower on the heat scale. I am used to a blazing intensity between the heroine and hero with a very dominant male from her. The story said the men were dominant and they did put Bubba in his place and checked the posse, I just didn’t feel it.

IR ménages are a rare breed. Dahlia is one of the authors that deliver these stories. I know followers are going to pick this up because that is what we do and what I did. The ending is a little abrupt so I hope it is a continuation of a series. I am not sure why I did not love this story. I really wanted to. I would love to hear from other readers who have read Tempest.


Accepting the Dragon (Year of the Dragon) by Reana Malori

Sheila Graves has worked for Takashi Nakashima for five years fighting her attraction for CEO Takashi the entire time. Upon arriving unannounced at his home for a last minute deal she discovers more than she bargains for. Sheila finally meets the dragon and he wants his mate. Takashi Nakashima no longer cares about how his family or the uptight organization he belongs to will take it.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. This was a refreshing short story, fully developed. I wish it were longer. I would have liked to see them struggle, Takashi fight more for his mate acceptance with his family and the organization although I know that would require a larger word count. Sheila and Takashi knew each other for years so them falling into bed with each other the night of dragon discovery was not unexpected. Sheila handled the dragon details well, willing to accept anything that was part of the man she loved. This story had a lot going on to be so short.  Accepting the Dragon is a good one to sneak in between duties on the job.

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