Waterborne by Katherine Irons, (Review)

Waterborne by Katherine Irons

Ree doesn’t believe in love after losing her partner and lover. She is now in this life to take down the bad guys. Alex a prince of Atlantis does not believe in relationships with humans. For the first time Alex wants a human, Ree is his mate and he is willing to do anything to keep her alive long enough to prove it. Ree O’Connor on a mission for the clandestine agency she works for finds herself between the bad guy and underground water world Atlantis assassin Prince Alexandros. Alex takes Ree with him when he must abort an assignment gone terribly wrong, leaving a mission uncompleted for the first time. Ree and Alex get to know each other as Alex struggle to keeps his human Ree alive and trying to keep the bad guy from destroying innocent lives.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Waterborne was set in a world full of imagination and different from most paranormal reads. Irons is one creative world builder. In a paranormal book world full of wolves and vampires this series ranks as extraordinarily different. The supporting characters were great and you received their complete story line. You can jump in the series without reading previous releases. I did feel this book was wrapping up some loose ends which series followers will enjoy. This book ranked three crowns simply because I felt more time could have been spent on the love story. Yes Ree and Alex were in the book but they were fighting, looking for the bad guy, fleeing or we were cutting back to the kingdom to wrap up loose ends. Series followers will definitely enjoy Waterborne and Irons unique take on paranormal romance.

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