Echoes at Dawn (KGI Series #5), Maya Banks (Review)

Echoes at Dawn (KGI Series #5), Maya Banks

Grace Peterson is on the run. She just wants to die after escaping her physical and mental prison. Forced to heal person after person depleting the last of her strength she finds her at her weakest point. She misses her sister Shea with whom she has a psychic connection, a connection she served to protect her from the dangers that accosted her. Grace had no idea her sister had sent Rio from KGI to rescue her.

Things get hairy when Grace and Rio find themselves on a mountain surrounded by two groups of killers with a common goal of extracting Grace. Rio and Grace bond coming down the mountain and in his Brazilian home the one place he feels she will be safe from the fraction after her and internal KGI issues. Rio falls for Grace although he does not see how she will ever love a guy with a past as grey as his. Rio puts his trust issues aside to trust one person, Grace and Grace puts her faith in the man who saved her from her physical and mental demons.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I enjoyed getting lost in Echoes at Dawn. I jumped right into the series, the action drawing me in from the prologue. Banks wrote a character you definitely want to root for in Grace. She is tough, smart and realistic. I didn’t cringe once as I read, asking why did she do that. Grace and Rio were a perfect match I couldn’t see another character completing him. I haven’t been sucked into suspense yet or in a while like I have Echoes at Dawn. I am happy I read it, this book made me interested in a whole new genre.

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  1. Whispers In The Dark:
    I love suspense, but honestly I had never read suspsnse intermingled with romance. This was a great read. It took me a little longer to get into it due to the fact that I would only read at night, and any one who works, with kids, knows that once the head hits the pillow, it’s lights out. But I did enjoy it. Nathan was a bit possesive, but Shay didn’t seem to mind it as much as I did reading it, so I guess all is well. I was surprised at how quick the emotions felt for each other changed from “Thank you for saving my life” to “Let me show you how much I thank you”; he seemed to take on the “boyfriend” role unrealistically fast. It went from Shay, to baby this, honey that a little too quickly for me. Almost to the point of reading corney or cheesey. But again, Shay seemed to crave feeling babied, feeling like she was being taken care of, so eventually, I ignored it. I look forward to reading Echos at Dawn, so I can officially meet Grace.


  2. Hey I got your email love that you loved Night Play lol. But with Whispers in The Dark the romance did move a little quickly. I like to think it was because they were in each other’s head. But I love alpha men who know how to handle themselves. You will find Rio is in Echoes at Dawn is the same type of alpha. I hope you get to read I would love to hear what you think.


  3. I’ll be heading out to get Echoes at Dawn this weekend!!


  4. This is just a test, you can delete it if you want. I’m trying to make sure my icon is showing as it should be instead of this alien looking thing in my above comments, LOL


  5. Hey I can see your icon if that helps!


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