At Last (Lucky Harbor #5), Jill Shalvis Review

At Last (Lucky Harbor #5), Jill Shalvis Review

Amy Michaels moved to Lucky Harbor to find hope. Following her grandmothers journal, the only person in her life she had to depend on before her life changed for the worse and she was sent to live with her mother. Now in Lucky Harbor she has a job at Eat Me and a great group of friends. Forest Ranger Matt Bowers aka Hot Buns is a distraction she does not need. Matt has had his eye on the snarky Amy since she moved to Lucky Harbor, all he wants to do is get to know her better despite her hard prickly shell. A night trapped in the forest is all it takes to get the romance rolling for Amy and Matt.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Matt and Amy were a couple meant for each other. I could not imagine Amy matched with any other guy, their chemistry is what kept me reading the book. At first I thought I would not like the book because it started out with this girl in the woods wandering around reading a journal. Then the action starts with her resisting the help of a hot guy, now that kept me turning the page. The people of Lucky Harbor make the perfect backdrop and I will read the next book because I have to check in on Lucille.

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