The Ravenous Dead, Natasha Hoar (Review)

The Ravenous Dead, Natasha Hoar

Rachel Miller medium extraordinaire is back fighting another creature in The Ravenous Dead. This time she has Kit Elkeles along for the ride as she teaches him about the paranormal world, while he is learning to control his Rodach abilities. They are up against a soul stealing reaper, who is preying on paranormals. When he locks onto Kits scent it becomes even more important for Rachel to stop him before Kit’s soul is lost, just like her mentor.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. If you like urban fantasy you will enjoy this read. This was one of the best short urban fiction reads I have read in ages. I have tried to actively recall the last and it has been a while. I read the first book in the series Stubborn Dead because both stories are about 27,000 words so I was like why not. You can read Ravenous Dead without reading Stubborn Dead the author does give you enough backstory. Although at some point you will feel like you are missing something, but that has nothing to do with not reading the first book. I believe those are details that will be revealed later in the series. Rachel is an enigma, she wants to be the good girl and toe the line but then she breaks the rules to keep Kit, which I love. Kit is the best sidekick ever and I know everyone wants them to work it out romantically. So far though nothing romantic has happened, guess we have to tag along to find out.

The ending threw me for a loop more than a little bit. I did not like the way Rachel felt after the reaper received his justice. I was like are you kidding me. I want to talk about this but don’t want to spoil it so after you read it hit me up.

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  1. Im totally checking these books out 🙂 thank you, and you have an awesome blog 🙂
    Visit me if you like, Im just starting out so its not real full yet 🙂 I added your to my list of cool blogs 🙂



  2. Thanks…If you read any of the books love to know what you think. ALWAYS up for a lively debate on books… I’m on my way to check you out know.


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