Forever and a Day (Lucky Harbor 6), Jill Shalvis (Review)

Release Date. 7/31/2012

Forever and a Day (Lucky Harbor 6), Jill Shalvis 

Grace Brooks a member of the chocoholics is up for her turn at love in Lucky Harbor. She stopped in Lucky Harbor when she ran out of money and now has to take odd jobs to support herself in the town she has grown to love. Dr. Josh Scott knows exactly who Grace is but she is not who he expected when he put in the call for a dog walker for his sons unruly pup Tank.

Josh is a man overwhelmed with responsibility and Grace is a woman looking for fun and a place to call home. The two fight their attraction for each other to little avail, while the whole town of Lucky Harbor watches. Add in Josh’s son, his surly sister and a lady whose loves to post incriminating pictures on facebook and you have a romance that has to go right, with a few rocky starts of course.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. So far this was my favorite book featuring the chocoholics. Grace and Josh where a great couple to see come together. After reading Amy’s story I knew I wanted to read about Grace. Forever and a Day was funny and emotionally sweet. Don’t worry though the hot scenes are still in there lol. I enjoyed Grace shaking up Josh’s disastrous routine and helping him see what’s important in life. The supporting characters as usual were too funny and wanted to help the budding romance which only made things uncomfortable for Grace and Josh but made for funny reading for us. I definitely want another story about Lucky Harbor.

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