Shadow Rising (Dark Dynasties 3), Kendra Leigh Castle (Review)

Shadow Rising (Review), Kendra Leigh Castle

Ariane, a Grigori with a suspicious beginning has been tucked away in the desert for hundreds of years. The Grigori are watchers who are never supposed to interfere. When her best friend in her hostile and isolated world Sammael goes missing she ignores the rules. Ariane and Damien Tremaine have the same goal find Sammael only Damien is doing it for monetary reasons. Damien is an assassin who shape shifts into a cat working for the House of Shadows, the house of shades who are not known for their honesty. Can Ariane depend on him to find her best friend or is he destined to fail her when he is called off by his leader when the issue is no longer as simple as finding a friend, what they find out could destroy the world.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. Shadow Rising consisted of a well-built world. I could definitely tell I was jumping into a series the clues being the amount of extra characters cropping up and the history among the characters. Ariane and Damien are drastic contrasts yet they still have so much in common. Ariane is over 900 years old and still sheltered, she did not have experience with the modern human world beyond what she had learned in books. She could kick some butt though. In the battles throughout this book she never huddled in a corner or sat on the sidelines. Ariane was very up front about the carnage she was willing to spill to find her only friend in the Gregori community Sam. She was innocent, sweet with a firm belief in what is right and wrong. In contrast Damien was a dandy turn assassin. He admitted he was a liar and did not look beyond his pay out. He did not believe in helping people or friends yet that is exactly what he did in previous books. Damien is a guy who did not expect love and when he found it he wanted to put it on a shelf which Ariane wouldn’t have. This book showed an interesting tug of war between two contrasting characters with the same goal.

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