I Own the Dawn (The Night Stalkers 2), M.L. Buchman (Review)


I Own The DawnI Own the Dawn, M.L. Buchamn

Kee Smith a street rat joins the army and works her way up to the elite SOAR. She lost the one friend she cared about before she was shipped off to the army. Spent the remaining years determined to gain rank and protect her heart. Kee does not want to care about anyone. During her first mission Kee rescues a Uzbekistan girl Dilya and there goes a crack in the armor she uses to portray her tough as nail image. Archibald Stevenson III, copilot for the famous Mrs. Beale sees the heart Kee wears on her sleeve. He wants to get to know Kee better, he sees how she is with Dilya and beyond the street tough image she portrays. During missions and international sabotage attempts these two find themselves in a loving relationship neither expected to find least of all in the middle of the desert.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I Own the Dawn is packed with nonstop action. I cannot remember the last contemporary book I have read that packed in so much action without leaving me fatigued. Every scene just flowed and kept me wondering how they were going to resolve it. Kee was a tough girl who had a very difficult life while Archie had a gentler silver spoon upbringing, although he had his family issues as well. The author really went out of his way to make us see the contrasts between the characters not only in backgrounds but build. Archie was not the typical bulging muscle alpha male. He had what I would think of as a swimmers build strong and lean. He was the least aggressive of the couple. Archie was strong enough to not be intimated or feel emasculated by the strong Kee and believe me she was a real ball buster, until you got to know her that is. The first couple of pages I did not like this chick but after reading the entire story you get where she is coming from and you are definitely firmly in her corner. That was a real risk but I liked it. This author surprised me, I plan to keep reading M.L. Buchman.

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