Blame it On Texas, Christie Craig (Review)

Blame it On Texas, Christie Craig

Zoe is hot for the PI Tyler Lopez, she hires to investigate her case not that she can afford to pay him yet. They meet under embarrassing circumstances hers, but she has to get over that because she needs someone to help her figure out if she can be the missing granddaughter of the local millionaire Mr. Bradford or grandpa if what she think is true and she is his missing granddaughter supposedly found dead years ago. Zoe no longer has any family left and millions is not what she is after, finding she has a family to belong to is the only thing she is looking for especially after recently losing her mother.

Tyler on the other hand is drowning in family. He takes on Zoe’s case because there is just something about the hot red head he can’t resist, even though Zoe will be leaving for Alabama in two weeks to return to her life their consenting adults. He tells himself it’s just fun but fun has a way of becoming more.

Bookswagger Danielle: Four crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. This is an easy series to jump into. I found the characters endearing and charismatic. Tyler and his over analyzing had me shaking my head, I could see myself in him. Zoe was extremely relatable and I could feel her frustrations. I really liked the dog in the coffin and the jumping on the bed scene (lol). The small element of suspense really increased my enjoyment.

Readers should be aware this book was really composed of two stories Zoe and Tyler’s romance and the building of Rick and Ellen romance both having issues with there ex’s. This didn’t turn me off in the least I actually have to admit I was more interested in Rick and Ellen’s story. Even though Rick and Ellen’s story appealed to me more it didn’t mean Zoe and Tyler’s story wasn’t good.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Blame it On Texas was a light, funny contemporary suspense read. All the fun supporting characters lent their own drama and funniness to the read which is something I have come to expect from Christie Craig. Tyler and Zoe (if that is who she really is), truly complimented each other. Their sense of humors, big brains and where she was really looking for family, Tyler was up to his eyeballs in family. I loved the plot and didn’t see how it would end well but it ended in a great way, easy on the heart (I am trying to not spoil it).

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