How to Marry a Warlock in 10 Days (Series 10 Days #2), Saranna DeWylde

How to Marry a Warlock in 10 Days (Series 10 Days #2), Saranna DeWylde

Dred Shadowins, was the guy who use to turn Middy Cherrywood braids into snakes now he is the hunky warlock who can save her charity function, without his funding magical children will not get the education or health services they need. Biting her tongue Middy is off to see Dred since he will deal only with her. Dred has had about every witch except Middy and he wants her next. Circumstances forces them to go into a pretend engagement due to the Shadowin magic the engagement may not be so pretend after all, Shadowins marry forever. What started out as just trying to save funding for magical children turns into saving the world for magicals and mortals all while falling in love.

Bookswagger:Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. How to Marry a Warlock in 10 Days was a true original. The ending was a surprise and I did not see how the author would still give us our HEA, I thought she was pulling a JR Ward on me (I am not going to give it away) but if she had I would have hated it with these characters. The story was a great blend of light and dark. The characters were light, funny and really connected even though her paranormal evil was pretty heavy. I enjoyed this book some parts were so good I had to go back and reread it because I just found it to funny. Saranna Dewylde created an amazing world and I can’t wait to go back.

Book 1 in 10 Days Series

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