Trouble with Highlanders,Mary Wine (Review)

5 in the Highlander series

Trouble with Highlanders, Mary Wine

Daphne Macleod is struggling with keeping her clan together and safe for the winter. Her half-brother and now her Laird has still not returned home and the clan is getting antsy dealing with raids and a neighboring clan wanting to steal her hand for her dowry of course. Her overlord Norris Sutherland heir to one of the largest clans in her area and the man she gifted with her virginity. Norris and Daphne sought each other out due to a mutual attraction and a desire to get out of arranged marriages where their potential spouses loved another. Since that night all Norris can think about is Daphne and he decides to check in on her as her overlord.

Bookswagger Danielle: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. What can I say, I loved it and I’m already anticipating the next book. The author did a wonderful job giving the characters depth as well as making them likable. Daphne was a strong heroine she earned my respect when she went to herd the sheep with the men who resented her. Norris was strong and I did like him, I only wished he didn’t embarrass her so many times. His best quality was his loyalty and respect for his father. The chemistry between Norris and Daphne was intense and believable I kept waiting for them to get it together. Often half siblings in historical books are jealous and try to take each other’s place. The relationship between Norris and his brother Gahan was refreshing. I liked that the author showed they had genuine affection for each other and of course I like Gahan’s teasing comments.

Are you interested in the next book?

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. I am a huge Mary Wine fan she does Highland romances like no one else. This was not one of my favorites although I did enjoy the read. Daphne was a strong and feminine heroine, she wanted respect, carried herself with pose while also allowing herself to be open to romance. She was not the drag in this story. The male Norris did protest too much. He put her in a situation where her morals were constantly questioned and she was fighting battles within the household that just didn’t fit. I know every romance needs conflict and this one is no exception. I love when the heroine is integrated into a new household and has to prove herself but in this one she did and got knocked down over and over again, I just could not help thinking this would never have happened if the hero had been clearer about who she was but oh well. I definitely plan on reading the next book because I believe it will be about Norris half-brother Gahan he stole the show for me in this story and I want to know more.

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  1. Sounds good never read highlander book before


  2. This is good book to read, when it raining outside ….


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