Rev It Up (Black Knight 3), Julie Ann Walker (Review)

Rev It Up (Black Knight 3), Julie Ann Walker

Michelle Carter, the Black Knights Inc. owner Frank Nights little sister and off limits. Before the Knight agency Michelle fell in love with a member of Franks seal crew Jake “the snake” Sommers. Jake going through his own issues pushed Michelle aside and into the arms of his seal brother Preacher. During a mission gone wrong Preacher is killed and Michelle is left to raise their son Franklin alone. Jake leaves the country after making sure his friend Preacher is buried and is not heard from again for four years.

Now Jake is back, the agency has a hit on their members and Michelle is in danger. He is back to prove his love and he wants a chance at forever with her. Putting his life on the line and protecting her from the fall out against her brother’s agency is just what he needs to get close to her and back his words up with action.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. I was excited when I heard Michelle’s story would be the third Knight book. I really hated Preacher died but as soon as you read Michelle was married you knew it had to happen and I did get a little soft eyed, but I did not cry (you have to believe me). I have to admit this is not the best book in the series but I am still glad I read it. I loved catching up with the other characters and seeing how Michelle would get her HEA. There was still action although not as much as in the previous books. I cannot wait to see where the story goes next, there are a few characters I still want to read about.

 Bookswagger Danielle:  Two crowns, now swagger, hard read. I wanted to love it because I have read the other two books in the series and loved them. However this one just didn’t do it for me. I honestly think it was the concept, I hated the idea of Shell going from Snake to Preacher and after the prologue I struggled with it even more.
I really liked the return of the other characters if not for them I’m not sure I’d have even finished the book. I love strong characters and I just didn’t find Shell strong and the whole hotel scene had me rolling my eyes like really that’s what you do to avoid talking and dealing with your issues. I honestly cannot tell if the author will be continuing the series and even though this wasn’t my favorite I will continue to read the series. I know this Julie Ann Walker is a great author.

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  1. Oh! The dreaded eye roll! When a story makes me roll my eyes, I almost stop reading. At least you both liked reading about the secondary characters.


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