Savage Hunger (Jaguar 1), Terry Spear (Review)

Savage Hunger, Terry Spear

Captain Kathleen McKnight almost lost her life in the wilds of the amazon, she was saved by jaguar shifter Connor Anderson, although she lost her entire team. Now she is back in the amazon, hoping she is not crazy and wanting answers to what she saw that day. Also back in the jungle is Connor Anderson and his twin Maya. She believes Kathleen is Connors mate, her brother has never shown interest in a female before and does not mind pushing the two together and helping with the shift literally. While on the run from the men who want revenge on Captain Kathleen, Connor and Kat fall in love.

Bookswagger Danielle: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. The characters sold this for me. I loved that Maya and Connor had such a close brother and sister relationship, she wanted a mate for him so badly. Kathleen was a strong heroine; I liked how she handled the change. The author did a wonderful job showing Connor and Kathleen’s chemistry, I could picture it perfectly. This wasn’t as suspenseful as I would have liked, it was a tad bit obvious. I would have liked Maya and the other jaguar shifters to have at least met. I understand wanting to make this a series but it left me feeling like something was missing. I will be reading the next one. Will you?

Bookswagger Marcia: Two Crowns, no Swagger, hard read. I do like Terry Spear and I hesitated to even give my opinion, because I hate the idea of giving an author I enjoy a low score. But if I am being honest, this is not a story I enjoyed and it was a hard read for me. The story was a little disjointed and I just felt a lack of a real story, the characters were just on the run and thinking inside of their heads a lot. Which to give the author credit was not confusing, which can be the case for readers sometimes. The heroine had such an incredible background and you have these jaguar siblings who think they may never find mates, then the brother finds his and a single male is chasing them down along with the bad guys. This book was a miss for me but she is an author I will continue to support and I loved the sister Maya and will read her story. Those who have history with this author will just have to decide for themselves if this is one you want to read or skip.

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  1. I like how you both express what you found lacking, yet I still came away with the impression that the book could be enjoyable for some. Marcia: I think you expressed yourself perfectly and with class.


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