The Warrior, Margaret Mallory (Return of the Highlanders 3)

The Warrior, Margaret Mallory

Duncan MacDonald made the mistake of falling in love with his Lairds daughter and his best friend’s sister much to his detriment. He took Moira’s virginity and was giving a choice, leave the clan to find his own way, our follow the Lairds son overseas into battle. He chose to follow his best friend. Now home he his second in command and has been sent to see about Moira and her son due to an ominous premonition of death and blood. Will he be blinded by the pedestal he placed her on or will he see her for the strong woman she has become.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Everyone already knows I love the Highlands, there is nothing like a man in a kilt to make for a good read. Moira was a very willful heroine at first, almost to the point of unlikable, but I knew Mrs. Mallory was not going to make us hate her for long. She turned out to be a wonderful mother raising her son the best way she knew how, protecting him from the man she had to let him call father. Duncan on the other hand was a very responsible hero, who fell in love above his station or so he believed and felt he deserved every negative thing that happened to him because of it. These two separate were great and extremely likable. Together they were a little irritating but still a decent read and did not put me off the series at all. In fact I found this story to be very realistic. If you decide to read it let me know what you think.

Bookswagger Danielle: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. There was plenty of action, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters were well written and I could really get a feel for their individual personalities.  I struggled to like Duncan and Moira as a couple. I almost felt like they didn’t deserve to be together.  For example, they were in love but lacked faith in each other. Duncan didn’t have enough faith in Moira to take a chance (not even just once) Moira would be able to handle a rougher life. While Moira didn’t have faith in Duncan’s love; therefore she neglected to fight against her first marriage.  I also didn’t like what I felt was game playing, flirting with others.  What saved them in my opinion as a couple was the devotion that was apparent in the end. If sailing in freezing weather didn’t convince me they belonged together sleeping in the house with a cow would have. My husband should thank his lucky stars I don’t have to do any of that to help him because he might be out of luck.

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