Wolfishly Yours, Lydia Dare (Review)

Wolfishly Yours,  Lydia Dare

Grayson Hadley cannot believe Liviana Mayeux, she is a hoyden. She talks about wolves in public, she says things women never mention and drives him crazy. She causes him to do things he knows one would never do in polite society and she is the only one who would accuse him of being tame.

Louisiana’s Miss Liviana Mayeux is sent to London against her will to gain culture by her alpha, who is also her father. Liviana has no desire to be in London and she believes the wolves there are beyond tame. She meets Grayson Hadley a well mannered wolf being forced to take gentleman lessons by his alpha.

Bookswagger Marcia: Two Crowns, no Swagger, hard read. I enjoy reading regency romances with paranormal characters. This story did fall a bit flat for me but readers of the series may enjoy peeking in on their favorite characters and getting the scoop on what’s coming next. There was a lot of talking about how the heroine Liviana and Grayson would create a scandal but not much action. I do not believe all shifter males have to be alphas, I do like the lighter side of romance, this one just lacked that magical story. Although the cast was interesting and the Louisiana Mayeux are a family I would be interested in getting to know.

Bookswagger Danielle: Two Crowns, no Swagger, hard read. I liked Livi and her tomboy ways, the scene where she cussed priceless. I must admit this book left me confused, there was way more talk about being a wolf than any shifting. I found myself waiting for a moment when surely the characters would shift, but it never happened. What really brought this book down for me were the men characters. I like my mean hot and strong, I totally expected this book to bring it and it sadly didn’t. Don’t get me wrong Grayson and his brothers were funny and charming. What made them appear weak were their fear of Dare. I understand and respect a healthy dose of fear of the alpha but this went too far for my taste. What did you think of the male characters and which one would catch your eye?

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