Fall Into Romance (Author Event)

Fall Into Romance (Durham, NC Southwest Regional Library Event)

Bookswagger Danielle: To say I enjoyed the Fall In to Romance activities would be an understatement; I loved it. I’ve done a few book signings recently and I haven’t had the best experience so was not expecting to really enjoy it. Can I say they were organized and once I realized they had coffee I was sold, combined with the fact they were on time, which is my minor pet peeve, I thought they were perfect.  However, what really made the event a success was the level of the author knowledge combined with their friendliness.  It’s hard to say which session I enjoyed the most because each author had something really different to offer but I’m going to say Virginia Kantra ultimate hero was my favorite session. Virginia had visuals with hot men, Sarah Frantz had me almost wanting to say Amen and Beverly Jenkins had me laughing, it was all around great fun. I’m a digital book reader and in lieu of a book signing I will have an image of my favorite books to get signed. I was surprised with the responses I received at other signings therefore It was so refreshing to meet down to earth authors willing to sign them without fear of scorn. I was also able to get books from authors I hadn’t read which excited me and hopefully I will find a new author to love in the titles I received. It was also interesting to meet people in the audience who were either new writers or aspiring writers like Kianna Alexander,  I can’t wait to read your work! If they have this again next year I will definitely be in attendance readers and writers alike ROCK!

Bookswagger Marcia: Like Danielle I went in with preconceived notions, Other than the BookMark Festival we have not had an author signing go so positive, I almost didn’t go. What a mistake that would have been! Thank you Durham Southwest Regional Library, you sure know how to make a girl feel welcome. Virginia Kantra discussed what makes a hero hot, and what qualities women want in a hero, even if he is not the typical hero he still needs to possess certain qualities in abundance. We discussed the hot factor, passion, loyalty, brains, commitment to family to name few. Basically women tend to like the bad boy turned great!

Professor Sarah Frantz  explained the mystery behind the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, because I still did not get why the trilogy is so popular, apparently 1 million dollars in print copies are sold a day which is 20 percent of all print books. That figure just blew my mind. One positive thing about the series is it did get readers interested in other erotic and BDSM romance writer’s example Sylvia Day (you go girl).

The last speaker I saw was Beverly Jenkins, she discussed multicultural heroines. She was an amazing speaker funny and full of life. She made the session so much fun with just her personality alone. I love the historical elements she weaves into her stories and I am glad I was able to see her in person. She is a very welcoming author.

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