Bookswagger Romance Book Club (Greensboro, NC)


Hello All,

I have tried for quite some time to find a local book club since my old one ended. I was a member of that book club for only the last few months of its existence, but the time I did spend with them I enjoyed and looked forward too. Now that I have had the book club experience I want it to continue. Unfortunately for me I have been unable to locate a book club in my area, a book club that focuses on romance. Instead I see a quite a few of literature only book clubs or mommy and me. Unless I borrow a kid and fake an identity the mommy and me will not be a good fit. The literature book club is definitely not for me, they came across a little too uppity for my taste. I am not for anything that looks down on my favorite genre smut and all. I proudly purchase romance titles and want to discuss my favorite or most hated reads with other individuals, there is nothing I love more than a lively discussion about romance books, it’s just the best… So wish me luck everyone and if you are in the area and wish to join the group you can RSVP to my first event by clicking HERE


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