The World of Book Conventions (No Regrets)

The World of Book Conventions

Pre Convention Event at RT

I am new to the book convention world, meaning I have attended author events but never a book convention. For 2013 I have my eye on more than a few and one of them the RT Book Convention, has their detailed schedule listed even with pre convention events. I just need a start time so I can book my flight but sometimes I am so super excited I want to go buy everything now…Then the super Capricorn that I am takes over and says not to jump the gun you have to be prepared. For those who have attended conventions even if it has been one time or more, I wonder if you felt it was

Authors After Dark 2013

worth the money or did you feel overwhelming disappointment. I think coming together with other readers and bloggers is one of the things I am most looking forward to. I love talking books and I think we readers are the best people to hang with. Plus I want to meet my favorite authors of course!

RT Book Convention Oh I really want to attend this one 5/1-5/5

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  1. Thanks for joining The AAD Challenge. I was a bit nervous about attending this one last year b/c AAD is heavy on romance/erotica. However, there were PLENTY of UF books to be read and I had a fabulous time.


    • Cool! I live in NC so I am trying to go this year even though I know they will be a hour away 2014. AAD would be my first con, from the reviews I have heard this is a good one to start with.


  2. I went to AAD last year and I LOVED it…obviously…. It was very intimate. You were up close and personal with other authors and bloggers through the entire event and all the panels had a variety of subjects. I will be going to Savannah as well & I am a featured blogger *squee*


    • Congrats that is so cool. I am planning on going it being so close and I am hearing so many good things. I would love to connect with other bloggers as well especially since I am so new to this! I will definitely look for you to introduce myself and say Hi:)


  3. I love to read a book that put me in the move an this one will


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