Convention Envy (Authors After Dark Savannah, 2013 Reading Challenge)

Authors After Dark 2013 Reading Challenge

Last year I was in envy of all the readers who attended the different conferences throughout the year. Twitter and Facebook can be a B*$%# when you see all those happy post con posts you were unable to attend flooding your timelines! One thing that really struck me was my fellow readers going gaga over authors I had heard of  yet never read or never heard of at all. This year I will be taking part of the Authors After Dark Savannah 2013 Readers Challenge. The idea is whether you are attending or not to read the books of featured AAD 2013 Savannah authors. A few I will be reading include Alyssa Day, Joey W. Hill (I know they are huge but yup I confess, never read them), Louisa Bacio and Bianca D’Arc to name a few, surprisingly I have read quite a few of the authors featured for 2013. For more information see the rules at the hosting challenge blog midnytereader.

My starting List:

Alyssa Day, Atlantis Rising (I figured I should start at the beginning)

Joey W. Hill, Something About Witches

Lousia Bacio, The Vampire, the Witch & the Werewolf:
Threesome in New Orleans

Bianca D’Arc, Sons of Amber (Ezekiel & Michael)

S.A. Price, Something Darker

Seressia Glass (read her before but it has been a while and no clue she did Urban Fantsay now), Shadow Blade

Authors Attending Authors After Dark 2013

Master of Ceremonies:Mary Janice Davidson
 Featured Authors: C.H. Admirand Melissa Ecker
Stephanie Julian Erin Quinn A.C. Arthur
Samantha Kane Lee Rowland C.j. Ellisson
Claire Ashgrove Sidney Ayers Louisa Bacio
Kelly Keaton/Gay Jamie Rush Jennifer Estep
Erin Kellison Lynn Rush Judi Fennell
Pip Ballantine Kait Ballenger Trinity Blacio
Sahara Kelly Rita Sawyer Eliza Gayle
Caitlin Kitridge Melissa Schroeder Seressia Glass
Marne Ann Kirk Hillary Seidl Nina S. Gooden
Amanda Bonilla Boone Brux Emilie Bush
Rosemary Laurey Terry Spear Cat Grant
Jenn LeBlanc Charlotte Steele Tilly Greene
Jade Lee Sandy Sullivan Kendall Grey
Amanda Carlson Dakota Cassidy Diana Castilleja
Heather Long Julia Talbot Andrew Grey
Dianna Love Anne Tenino Mari Freeman
Kat Mancos B.A. Tortuga Lia Habel
Cynthia Cooke Bianca D’Arc Jae Lynne Davies
Hanna Martine James R. Tuck Jess Haines
Kallypso Masters Shannon West Liliana Hart
Katey Hawthorne Lissa Matthews Joy Daniels
Leanna Renee Hieber Ann Mayburn Julie Ann Walker
Joey W. Hill Amanda McIntyre Sasha White
A.L. Davroe Delilah S. Dawson Alyssa Day
Yvette Hines Hildie McQueen Beth Williamson
Nancy Holzner Theresa Meyers Lori Witt
Ann Jacobs TJ Michaels Rebecca Zanetti
Elle Jasper  Tee Morris  Anna Destefano
Denise Jeffries Elizabeth Naughton  Fayth Devlin
Jean Joachim Cara North  Kate Douglas
Annabel Joseph Kristen Painter Isabelle Drake
Cat Johnson S.A. Price  Marie Rose Dufour

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  1. I like to read multicultural so I am going to check out Seressia Glass urban fantasy, Shadow Blade


  2. We can read it together!


  3. Thank you so much for joining the Challenge. From doing this Challenge last year, I introduced myself to so many awesome authors that I absolutely adore. I’m looking forward to reading your reviews.


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