Prophecy of The Undead, Fiona McGier

Prophecy of The UndeadProphecy of The Undead, Fiona McGier

Keisha a human has uncovered the secret to making humans smarter to the determinate of her life. She is saved by fellow scientist Yuri a Russian vampire. Yuri turns her, saving her life, as well as putting her in danger. Because Keisha’s knowledge of how to make humans smarter was supposed to die with her. The two find out how much they have in common beyond their research while trying to discover why an ancient being keeps taking over Keisha’s body.

Bookswagger Marcia: Two Crowns, no swagger hard read. I really wanted to be able to rate Prophecy of the Undead higher than I did. The author had a unique perspective of the vampire plight. I mean you had my two favorite romance subgenres paranormal romance and science fiction. The vampires are basically who they are because of an advance alien race. I am just not sure I understood 100% percent how it happened. The concept was great, there were just more than a few things left unexplained. Another thing the author did that I liked was she had secondary characters that were in an M/M relationship, a great way to gently introduce readers to that genre who may not have ever tried it otherwise.

Bookswagger Danielle: Two Crowns, no swagger hard read. This book had all the right ingredients, a smart heroine, honorable hero and interesting secondary characters but for me it just didn’t add up. Quite frankly I was bored and it took me days to read it instead of my normal one day. I felt the circumstance behind Keisha becoming a vampire was never really dealt with before another issue came to the fore front.  Without the closure I was left with many unanswered questions i.e. what happened to her ex, and how did they explain her absence from her normal life. I did like the concept of alien’s but I will admit while interesting I don’t know if it was necessary to the plot. This author had interesting concepts and ideas so I’d give her another shot, would you?

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