Waltz with a Stranger, Pamela Sherwood (Review)

Waltz with a StrangerAurelia Newbold meets James Trelawney at a ball, she is hiding out tired of watching her twin or almost identical twin dance the night away. Oh the people do not pity her like they did in America. The English are to polite for that. James shares one waltz with her before she leaves the party and the country. Upon her return to London confident and secure in herself, Aurelia finds her dear twin engaged not to the man of her own dreams but to James now an Earl and the man she has been dreaming of since they shared a waltz.

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Two Crowns, no Swagger, hard read. If I did half crowns I would rate Waltz with a Stranger two and a half crowns so I am considering half rankings. I loved the concept of Waltz with a Stranger. Aurelia is truly a character I enjoyed, I just felt like everything was a pleasure or my pleasure. I am a historical romance fan and I know this was true to regency but there comes a point in time where it is truly not a pleasure. You need to get upset. I did read other reviews and that is what made me want to read Waltz with a Stranger. The concept was great, all the characters were likable Aurelia is definitely a character you want to root for. When the book was good it was really good but the slow points took over for me. Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. I loved the concept of a scared heroine and this author did wonderfully humanizing Aurelia without making her appear weak. James was exactly how I’d picture a “fairy tale” prince to be bound to his word.

I’m a suspense reader so I know this is going to sound odd but I didn’t like the whole concept of trying to figure out what Gerald was involved in. Maybe if it had been resolved prior to the end of book I would feel differently but personally it dragged on for me. I wouldn’t mind reading more about Amy and Thomas am I alone?

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