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About Breathless Press

Breathless Press is an e-book publisher specializing in Romance and Erotic(a) stories.

Our mission statement is simple: To provide the opportunity for readers to connect with romance authors through the purchasing of quality e-books at a low price.

Starting in the summer of 2009, Breathless Press came into existence. Since then, we have been producing top end romance and erotic stories for valued readers to enjoy.

Our Goal?

Breathless Press is an electronic publisher of paranormal, erotic, and mainstream romance, releasing one to three e-books a week in a variety of downloadable formats. It is Breathless Press’ mission to provide readers with quality romance books in electronic formats and to raise the standard in e-publishing.

Cover_a pussy, a pirate, and poachersA Pussy, A Pirate, and Poachers by Kassanna

 Blurb: Milla week was bad, a lot harder than usual for an import/export expert. Alex couldn’t believe he’d found his mate. Too bad she’s a smuggler.

Milla didn’t know who or what she pissed off, but she was having the worst week of her life. Her ship had sunk during a freak storm. Luckily, she’d gotten her crew and most of her cargo off. But somehow she ended up on an island with a neurotic cat, a black panther to be more specific. Her week from hell culminates when they land on an island owned by an ex-drug lord with security issues. Then there was one little issue she didn’t see coming. Ole pussycat wasn’t a panther at all.

Alex had no clue why he didn’t want to leave the infuriating woman. At least he didn’t until he got a good whiff of her. Now all he could think about was mating her. That alone was ridiculous, she was human. What made it worse was her penchant for illegal activities. As an ATF officer he was geared and ready to take her down for smuggling. Now he found himself doing anything to protect her. And she thought her day was bad.

Excerpt: Taking a different route from the one he’d started on, Alex headed back toward shore. Milla was sitting close to the waterline, staring at the sea. She shook her head as she rose. He watched her chest rise as she took a deep breath and started limping toward him. This was his chance to disappear into the jungle. Alex chuckled at the realization he didn’t want to leave her. He needed to decide, however, if he would shift to cat or appear before her as a man. Loping toward her, he changed back into his panther form.

Stopping just out of her line of sight, he blended in with the foliage and watched as she walked the beach. Milla was about to walk right into him when she realized he was there—only inches stood between them. She jumped back, falling on her ass, and backpedaled to put some space between them. He stretched his front paws and eased from the brush. His stare clashed with hers. He finally had the opportunity to get a good look at his captor as he sat on his haunches and took in every nuance from the soles of her feet to the top of her head.

Milla’s hair had dried into a two-tone afro of black and blonde. Her large eyes dominated her face and were the color of liquid gold. High cheekbones and plump, bow-shaped lips completed her features. His gaze skimmed over her tan skin.

The blue tank top she wore was ripped up the side, exposing the soft curve of her breast. Her sodden jeans clung to her curvy hips and were intact with the exception of multiple long cuts in the fabric on the inside of one leg.

Guilt washed over him. He’d been angry at being caged with no way to free himself on a ship that was sinking. He continued his study of her. She was missing a boot. The missing footwear was his fault too. She dug her hands deep into the soft silt, pushed up from the sand, stood, and limped a few more steps back, favoring her left leg.

She never looked away from him. Alex could hear her rapid heartbeat from where he crouched. His cock jumped. The predator in him responded to her fear by crouching low to the ground and flicking his long tongue out to wipe his muzzle. Alex prowled toward her.

“Nice pussy cat. Remember me? You saved me.” She spoke quietly, raising her hands with the palms facing him.

Why did she insist on talking to him as if he were a housecat? He was a predator, not a pet. He growled his frustration and watched her eyes widen. The smell of fear rolled off her. He chuffed at the odor surrounding him. Suddenly she planted her feet, and her scent toned down considerably.

“Listen here, kitty; I am not your enemy. We’re caught in a bad situation. You can go your way, and I’ll go mine, but after the night I’ve had, you’ll have a fight on your hands if you expect me to lie down and be breakfast.” She turned her body toward the trees and, after a glance over her shoulder, limped away.

Turning her back on him was a bold move, and he was impressed. Alex walked behind her. His gaze was drawn to her ass, cupped so lovingly by the jeans. The sight made him groan inwardly. Damn, but she had a nice ass, and once she got hold of her emotions…he’d even admit she would make one hell of a cat.

Cover_thesilverstilettoThe Silver Stiletto by Isabella Olivia Ellis

Blurb: In this modern rendering of the classic tale, Cinderella gets a bit naughty. Why settle for one man when you can have two?

Cinderella is an orphan living at the mercy of her unkind stepfamily. She suffers their beck and call; her only satisfaction coming from a secret dominant-submissive relationship with her stepsister’s boyfriend. When the time comes for the governor’s masquerade ball, Cinderella receives the help of a mysteriously sexy fairy godfather and manages to catch the eye of the town’s most eligible bachelor. While the two bond over their mutual love of books, the budding relationship lands her in the middle of her stepmother’s evil scheme. Will Cinderella ever get the fairy tale ending she deserves?

Excerpt: “Don’t make a sound,” he murmured in her ear, as his hands roamed down the front of her dress, across her firm breasts, and then behind her back. Cinderella felt his hands roughly tugging on her apron strings, and then the fabric fell noiselessly to the floor, leaving her in just a thin cotton dress.

“Blake, what if…” She stopped when his hand came pressing to her mouth. The hand slid from her face and gave a gentle slap to her cheek.

“What did I say?” he asked. She remained silent this time, and he brought his hands up around her neck, into her thick, golden hair, and pulled her face up to his. He forcefully pressed his lips to hers, parting them with his searching tongue. Her mouth slid along his, and he broke the kiss with a strong suck and nip to her lower lip. Cinderella moaned softly.

“That was a sound, Ella,” Blake reprimanded. “You’re just not listening today, are you?” He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. “Are you?”

“No,” she said, barely audible. His grip tightened.


“No, sir.”

“I think it’s been too long, Ella. I think you’ve just forgotten how to act around a man. Is that it?” With that, he pushed her to the hard floor. “Answer me. Is that it?”

Cinderella, kneeling, looked up at him with wide eyes. “Yes, sir.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I have forgotten how to act around a man.”

“Get on your hands and knees.”

Excited, I opened the door and stuck my head out. “I’ll be there in a few minutes, Mario,” I yelled, my voice tinged with anticipation, trying to keep an eye on the terminal at the same time. “Please, get everyone on board. Thanks.”

He cocked an eyebrow and grinned. Mario knew about Will and me and, like I said, nothing surprised him.

Stepping back inside and away from the entrance, I closed my eyes and waited. I sensed Will’s approach and the closer he got, the more my girly parts tingled with anticipation.

Even though I expected it, I gasped when he placed his warm hands on my shoulders and turned me around to face him.

Cover_The Perfect GiftThe Perfect Gift: Ladies of London, Book 3  by Raven McAllan

 Blurb: Judith has the perfect present for Stephen—herself. Will he accept, or decline her gift?

Lady Judith Gresham had been in love with Stephen, Viscount Pelham for years.

Stephen eleven years her elder, treated her purely as one of his sisters friends; he was too old in years and deeds for such a young innocent. As his sister, was now happily married, there was no longer any reason to see her.

Even to himself he wouldn’t admit he missed her.

So when his sister and her new husband decided to have a Christmas house party, and illness causes them to beg to use his home, he agreed. Even when he heard Judith was to be one of the guests he wasn’t really worried, he would keep to himself, enjoy Maria Mallins, his long married mistress, and treat Judith with distant benevolence.

However Judith and his sister had other ideas.

Excerpt: Stephen gave into temptation. He stretched out and caressed the perfect globes of the milk-white arse presented to him. His fingers ached to sample the delights he could imagine between the delicate curls that covered her quim. He nobly resisted the urge to venture further, but fondled her arse, and circled the perfect rosette of her anus. Even that small degree of intimacy made his cock rise up and demand attention. Thank the lord for the decrees of the ton that stiff breeches were not de-rigeuer in all situations. He was pleased to be wearing pantaloons, even if they were frowned upon as fast by some of the upper echelon of the ton.

A noise not unlike a kettle about to boil was coming from under the skirts. It seemed the lady was not amused.

With an inward smile of satisfaction, Stephen used his fingers to tease for a few seconds longer, squashing his innermost desires to take things a lot further. Judith, for he was sure it was she, was upside down, her skirts hung over her upper body, and shielded him from her view.

With regret he turned her upright, letting her skirts fall and cover her perfect body.

She was red in the face as she glared at him.

Stephen suppressed a chuckle. “Ire because I took a small liberty my dear or because I stopped before I began to explore?” He raised one fine shaped eyebrow, and held the lantern closer to her.

The light swayed, and he saw stars, as pain radiated from his stomach, to his cock and thence upwards. He could have sworn his teeth rattled with the intensity of the blow he received.

The minx has hit me.

His breath whooshed out of him, and through the ringing in his ears he heard her furious voice.

“You bastard, you cad, you, you, villain.” Her voice was deep and full of scorn. “Is that the lone way you can justify touching me? When my head is covered and I cannot either take part or deny you?”

Put like that it did seem rather more underhand than he intended. Stephen did his best to gather air into his labored lungs and not wheeze like an old man. It was several seconds before he decided he was in control of his breathing once more. His chest heaved as he struggled to formulate his sentence.

“I apologize, my lady,” he said stiffness uppermost in his voice. “If I offended or upset you.” He was not going to apologize for his actions, and he saw the gleam in her eyes when she realized it.

“And do you apologize for anything more?” she asked, her hands clenched by her sides.

Stephen eyed those tiny weapons. He knew the signs of ire in a woman. “If I did so, it would be a lie,” he replied. “I must be frank, I enjoyed every tiny touch, and my body aches for more.”

Cover_BBC2 The ProtectorsThe Protectors: The Blood Bar Chronicles, Book 2 – Anthology

 Blurb: When the Wicked Ladies of Fiction meet up in a Scottish bar they don’t expect a night filled with danger, lust and hot supernatural men…

Breaking The Surface by Chellie Edwards

No woman can resist the call of the siren that is until merman Malachi de Lothrian meets Arielle and he has to find out why.

To Stop A War by Raven McAllan

Make love not war? Sometimes you don’t have a choice…you do both.

It takes a lot to stop a war. With the enemies they face, both seen and unseen, was it possible for them to succeed? It didn’t seem likely, but Ehrst and Derrom hadn’t reckoned with the determination and courage of Octavia. She was prepared to do anything to help, even if it meant baring more than her soul.

Protecting His Own by Xandra James

A one night stand is all she wanted to feel alive once again. But can a gargoyle, intent on finding true love, change her mind?

Widowed Nina was just looking for a warm body for one night when she walked into The Blood Bar. But with a little help from a Siren song and a sexy bar-owner, the universe had other ideas.

Gargoyle Sam wants a forever type of girl after years of meaningless encounters and now, he thinks he’s found the one. He just has to convince her of that.

But the night is full of mysteries and not only does Sam need to confront an enemy from his past, he’s pulled into a complicated tug of love and war with a group of misfit Supes and Nina’s friends. Will Sam be strong enough to save them both or will they both lose what they’ve only just found?

Desperate Desires by Sasha May

One mission. One bar. The Blood Bar. Three hearts join in a desperate desire. But nothing is simple when the Merman releases his siren call.

Morgan Miller, a werewolf without a pack, wants nothing more than a quiet drink and to find a woman to warm his bed and heart. He hadn’t planned on saving a beautiful woman with the aid of a man, Devonte Marze. From pack less to Alpha in one night? Well stranger things have happened.

All Amilian wanted was a night out with her writing group. She hadn’t expected trouble, she hadn’t expected to have to turn to strangers to save her, and she hadn’t expected those two strangers to mean more to her than anything had before.


Breaking The Surface by Chellie Edwards

Smiling against his mouth, she caressed his cheek and brow. He tugged her closer, pressing her breasts into his frame. She moved herself against him, bringing her hands down his back, kneading the area where his spine disappeared into the cleft of his behind and sweeping her fingers over his skin. Turning her attention back to his chest she traced his nipples with her nails, noticing for the first time a distinct lack of body hair except on his head. Her previous lover had mocked men who shaved or waxed, yet she loved the feel of Malachi’s sleek skin against her flesh. Drawn back up to his mouth for a deep kiss she then tasted her way down his throat, biting and sucking along the way, her nails grazing his skin up and down his spinal column as she learned to navigate his flesh. He moaned in pain and ecstasy before bringing her arms up and around his shoulders.

“Arielle, my sweet seductress.” He punctuated his words with kisses to her neck. “I don’t want to hurt you. Are you an innocent? Have men already tasted your delights, or am I your first?”

At that old fashioned sounding question, she caught his lower lip gently between her teeth, nibbling on it. “No, Malachi, I’m not a virgin. There was one other, but he never got me as wet as you have.” She took one of his hands and moved it between her legs, dipping it into the nectar of her core. He brought their fingers back up and tasting her finger, his eyes went hot. He drove his mouth on hers, plunging into the depths of her throat with his tongue, his hands releasing hers as his own cradled her face. She could feel his cock burning against her stomach. As she traced it with her fingers, he shuddered.

She was filled with wonder at his slick, hot, smooth cock that pulsed beneath her hands. It was bigger than her previous lover, and for a moment, she feared the pain he could cause her when he eventually penetrated her. Yet it was a true thing of beauty, and she wanted to worship and savour it.

When she began to rhythmically rub and squeeze, he shook his head violently and then put his forehead against hers. “I love what you’re doing to me, but I can’t feel that and not want to take you right now,” Malachi said almost breathlessly.

Arielle could see he had grown even more solid through her machinations and nodded as she slowly withdrew her hand from him. “Then take me,” she replied softly before she reached into her handbag and produced one of the small foil packets that she quietly was glad she’d picked up from the chemists on the off chance she might need it.

To Stop A War by Raven McAllan

Halfway up the narrow flight of stairs, which lead off at an angle from the door, Ehrst felt something hard and downright throbbing pressed against his ass. Even through several layers of clothes, he could feel the power.

Not in me yet, but sod it, why not? “Okay, vamp,” he muttered. “Here and now.”

His answer was a quick laugh, a moan, and his trousers pulled down around his ankles. All before anyone could say, “fuck me,” he was being fucked. Derrom’s cock was wet, primed, and pushing. Sometimes having a vamp such as Derrom as a partner was useful—no need to hunt for the lube; he made enough for both of them. Ehrst was receiving all he wanted.

“Christ, Derrom, that is so fucking good.” Ehrst’s skin tingled. Darts of pleasure suffused his body, each stab made his breath hitch. “Deeper, harder, more…ahh…” Ehrst’s voice trailed off as he felt his lover balls-deep inside him, using his hands on his cock. Derrom milked him as he gripped onto the edge of the stair, his knees resting against the soft carpeting. Thank God for forethought. Carpet burn was bad enough, but splinters would be worse.

“It is good fucking; now if only you’d let me do a little graze. ” Each word was punctuated by a thrust. Derrom ran his tongue over Ehrst’s neck, in a simple arousing swipe. Then Ehrst felt Derrom’s teeth slide across his soft skin. “Yes? Just one, eh?” Derrom spoke softly, his voice wheedling.

“Nope, no, gracias, nothing doing, nada, not now.” Ehrst found it hard to get the words out. He knew how difficult it was for Derrom to sheath his vampire side and not to sink his fangs farther into Ehrst and turn him.

“Maybe sometime?” It was almost a plea.

“Stop bloody talking and just fuck.” He felt that sexy fang run over his neck, that hint of something Derrom wanted, but wouldn’t take.

There was a gasp.

Both men turned, but Derrom spoke. “Well, Barbie, come to play?”


Ehrst saw the missile—otherwise known as a lady’s handbag—just before it hit Derrom hard on his bare ass.

“Argh!” Derrom howled; Ehrst watched, fascinated, as it seemed the impact was the catalyst for increased action. It felt to Ehrst that Derrom’s balls just about hit his tonsils. He surged deep and hard inside Ehrst and came with a roar. It was enough for Ehrst. He felt Derrom’s fingers tighten around his over-ready cock, and he came into those clever hands.

Protecting His Own by Xandra James

This was a bad idea. It was time for her to go. Call it woman’s intuition or that the creepy club had bad juju, something weird was happening, and tonight was definitely the wrong time for her to be feeling lonely. Nina stood up, about to make her excuses to the girls, hoping they’d be as supportive as they always had been, when something came over her.

Nina felt strange down to her toes.

It was like she was drunk, loved up, and floating—all at once. She stumbled and grabbed the back of her chair to steady her jelly-like legs. Everyone around her seemed to be moving in slow motion. Nina looked around at the room, surveying her friends first. They looked the same as her. She reached out her hand to Tara but missed her shoulder. The sparkly teeth guy she saw earlier headed toward them and grabbed one of her friends. She tried to speak but couldn’t form the words before they were gone again.

People were dispersing from the room quickly, and Nina knew there was something wrong with this place. She should have known it with a name like the Blood Bar. Legs that were barely keeping her upright began to fail, and she slumped to the floor. What the hell was happening to her? Was she drugged? Nina let her eyes close. Surely if she just slept a little, this would all be over with soon, but her body was screaming at her. Hot lust coursed through her veins, and she shuddered.

“I’ve got you.” A deep voice tugged at her, and she reluctantly opened her eyes to gaze at a strong chest.

“Who…hell…you?” Nina frowned, realizing her words weren’t quite coming out as planned. Her eyes slowly traveled up a strong, stubbly jaw, over full, smiling lips, and finally landing on beautiful gray eyes. She gasped, finding it difficult to breathe. Her every fantasy she’d had in recent months filled her mind, and lust cascaded through her body until she felt so out of control in his arms, she thought she might melt.

Nina lifted her hand to his face and traced his jaw, his smile becoming more of a grimace.

“Take me to bed.” Her fingers covered her mouth, and Mr. Gray Eyes smiled once more.

Desperate Desires by Sasha May

“What do you mean other HUMAN ladies? What the hell is a siren song and how the fuck do you know I’m so horny?” Amilian threw in as she pulled on Morgan’s top so he would face her. She had so many questions and needed so many answers, but that could all wait. She couldn’t think clearly, with the constant heat running through her veins, or the heavy ache in her already swollen lips. “Help me Morgan, please…” She begged seductively in his ear, as she pulled him into her to grind her hips against him. Then she took him into a deep, hard, kiss. The sensation of his smooth, warm and wet tongue increased her arousal, as her own juices dampened her knickers. Morgan’s now hard dick, pushed against her mound, making her grind against him harder. She grabbed his arse to encourage him to thrust into her.


Hot Shots: Vol 3 – Anthology


Closing the Door by D.S. Gersen

The sexy student in the office is every professor’s fantasy, but what will he do when his fantasy starts coming true?

Happy Anniversary by Missy Starrk

As they say, “Hell hath no fury…” Her man is coming home late on their anniversary night. He is going to have to make it up to her or else!

Shame by Natasha Knight

When Sarah agrees to a weekend with Michael, she knows full well what she’s in for. Michael is an experienced Dom who sees Sarah’s secret desire to submit. He won’t spare the whip, but administered with love, can he free Sarah of her shame?

The Cage by S.J. Drum

Jason’s sex life consists of missionary sex with his wife Genny and unsatisfying solo-orgasms in the shower. Until she shocks him with an erotic confession and a request to visit a sex club! Genny wants to bring a third person into their bed and Jason is willing to come along for the ride.

Three Parts Love by Stephen B. Pearl

Wyn and Will, a passionate married couple, celebrate their anniversary and rediscover a love that extends through body, mind and spirit, uniting them at all levels of their being.


Closing the Door by D.S. Gersen

“There’s nothing more on politics. Did you take Intro to Latin America?”

She nods fiercely. Black curls go up and down. “I did.”

“Then you can take my Mesoamerica course, 281. That’ll work for you. History, politics, anthropology.”

“Okay, thanks!” She stares out of the window at the tall gloomy science tower. I ritually recite the professor’s query. What goes on in students’ minds? If anything. They’re so distracted these days.

“You’re cute,” she says.

“B-beg your pardon?” I stammer. I grab my coffee again and take three quick sips.

“You’re cute,” she repeats. Bambi eyes pointed straight at mine.

My face gets red. I’m old,” I say.

“You’re not that old,” she cheerily replies.

“I’m married.”

Her eyebrows go up. “Happily?” she asks.

“No.” It’s out before I can help it. She’s not surprised, so I ask, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

She smiles. “Not anymore.”

I stare at the door.

“So you can kiss me if you like. Or I could give you a blowjob.” She smiles her Midwest smile again.

My heart is pounding now, and I feel light-headed.

“Want me to close the door?” She doesn’t wait for my answer, gets up, and gently shuts the door. The lock clicks.

Happy Anniversary by Missy Starrk

I yanked off my dress. The small pearl buttons went flying and skittered across the floor. I’m sure I had ruined the lovely black-and-white silk dress that he had gotten me for my birthday. I kicked the pretty frock and stubbed my toe on the ceramic floor. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” I tore off my black lace bra that I had been so careful with that morning. Then I unzipped my high-heeled black boots, nearly catching the soft leather in the track. I peeled off my black tights which had served to stimulate my aching pussy all day; I wore no panties, and the tights were damp from my wanting. The dress, boots, and tights were now heaped in an angry and tangled pile.

It was seven o’clock; I left the mess of clothes in the kitchen and went upstairs. I caught sight of myself in the bedroom mirror. My curly red hair normally unruly—was even more wild than usual—thanks to my rough treatment with the dress. My face flushed from the drinks, I looked pretty damned fuckable. He loved when I looked like this. “Primitive,” he called it.

Shame by Natasha Knight

“Unbutton your blouse.” She swallowed. Looking down, she reached for the first button just beneath the silk ruffle front. “Keep your eyes on me.”

She wanted to look anywhere but there, but she obeyed. She worked the buttons with trembling fingers. It seemed to take a long time before she finished and waited for his next command.

“Open it.” She did as he said, exposing a soft pink lace bra. Her nipples, already hard from the slow strip tease, grew tighter under his gaze. The tip of his tongue just touched his lips, and heat flooded her sex as she imagined his hot mouth over the scratchy fabric of her bra. His next command brought her back. “Take it off.”

She slipped the blouse over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. “Skirt.”

She reached back, unzipped the skirt, and dropped it around her ankles. She stepped out and nudged it aside, standing in matching bra, panties, black thigh-high stockings and black pumps. She imagined how she appeared to him at this moment.

“Go on,” Michael said, his voice slightly hoarse.

She stepped out of her shoes and began to take down the first stocking. She felt his gaze glued to her fingers as she peeled each one slowly off.

She reached for the hook of her bra. Once undone, she held the cups and slowly slid each shoulder strap off. Her breasts felt warm in her cold hands, but she only hesitated for a moment before dropping the bra and standing with her hands at her sides. She remained still as he took in her small but full breasts.

“Continue,” he said. Had he regained himself so quickly?

“Can we close the curtains?”

When he didn’t answer, she realized her error. “I’m sorry,” she said—another error. “Oh, I’m sorry, Sir. I…”

“Continue,” Michael told her, his voice tight with control. Was he going to let that slide? She hooked her thumbs through her panties. If she was going to give herself over to his domination, she needed to be sure he was strong enough to hold her together if she fell apart. She would need to push him, test him. She slid her panties to the floor and stepped out, standing with her legs slightly parted, and let Michael stare at her, her sex burning under his gaze. She knew she looked good and the knowledge made her lips curve upward. Michael studied her for some time, then seemed to make up his mind. His own lips curved up as if acknowledging her challenge, before giving the next command.

“Turn around and bend over.”

All the cockiness in her dissolved. She had known he would ask this, hadn’t she?


He got up, and she took a step back. He walked casually behind her, and before she realized what he was going to do, he leaned her body forward and landed a smack on her ass so hard that she would have fallen over if he hadn’t grabbed her. She struggled to get free, but before she knew it, another smack landed on the other cheek.

“Oww!” She yelled out, but another came and another. He finally stood her up, his erection pressing against her naked buttocks as he held her back tight to his front. Shifting her hair off one shoulder, he brought his mouth to her ear, his breath hot. “Did I pass your little test?” he whispered before putting his mouth to her jaw and kissing her. “Was that what you wanted?”:

She didn’t have to answer because he let her go and, as calmly as he’d walked over to her just a moment ago, he sat back down. She immediately moved to cover her ass.

“Turn around,” he repeated slowly, as if nothing had happened.

She watched him, her eyes reddening from unshed tears. Yes, that was what she’d needed, and that knowledge scared her.

Goose bumps raised the hairs over her entire body. He only watched her and waited, his expression not unkind. She turned around, her face burning like her buttocks. “Move your legs farther apart and bend over,” he told her, not wasting a moment.

She swallowed hard, shifting her legs slightly. Those tears fell slowly as she bent forward, exposing her most private parts to Michael. It would have been better if he’d touched her then, even spanked her. But he didn’t do either. He only sat on the couch as she stood, bent over, completely undone.

The Cage by S.J. Drum

Jason closed the front door behind him and moved into the kitchen before laying his keys on the counter. As he unlaced his boots, he thought about how many times he’d repeated those same, monotonous actions. After twelve years of marriage, his life as a thirty-two-year-old husband, father, and provider no longer held any shred of mystery.

He slipped off the heavy steel-toe boots he’d worn every day for as long as he could remember and stretched out the kink in his back, wondering when he’d started to feel so damned bored. As he made his way down the hall to the bedroom he’d shared with his wife since they married at twenty, he noted the house was silent, an oddity on a Wednesday evening. Normally, his two children would be involved in some kind of noise-making activity. The ten-year-old twins—a boy and a girl—usually filled their small home with the screeching tire sounds of video games and horrified “OMGs” of preteen phone conversations. Tonight, all was quiet.

Jason paused briefly, drawing a fortifying breath before pushing the bedroom door open. He hated to admit it, but he hoped his wife was taking one of her long baths instead of waiting for him in bed. She tried, God knows she tried. Still, their lovemaking had gone from new and wondrous to boring and apathetic, and he just didn’t have it in him tonight to engage in the farce. Sex with his wife was very much like instructions for poorly made furniture: insert slot A into slot B. And just like cheap furniture, once it was completed, he was always left dissatisfied.

Genny would stare at the ceiling while making small adjustments with her hips, her legs dutifully wrapped around his waist. She usually looked more interested in mentally compiling the grocery list than in engaging her mind in their ho-hum sex life. And Jason would pump away while remembering sexual exploits of ten years ago in order to reach a quick, disappointing climax. Just thinking about it put him in a foul mood. When he opened the bedroom door, he drew up short, his heart pounding against his chest.

Genny sat, fully dressed, on the edge of the bed with her head down, hands clasped in her lap, her riot of soft brown curls shielding her face. When he entered, she looked up, and the pain in her eyes brought him to her side in an instant. “We need to talk.” She used the voice reserved only for breaking bad news.

Oh shit. Oh shit. She’s leaving me.

“Okay. Whatever it is, Genny, we’ll work it out. What’s wrong, baby?”

“It’s… I don’t want you to hate me or think I’m crazy. It’s just that there’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and…” She shook her head, moving her gaze to the floor and avoiding his eyes.

“Just tell me. Whatever it is, we’ll work it out.” Jason took her hands, rubbing his thumbs over her knuckles. He dropped to his knees next to the bed to try to meet her averted gaze.

“I want to try something, and if you don’t want to, it’s totally fine, and we’ll never talk about it again.”

“All right, now you’re scaring me. Why don’t you just spit it out?” Boring sex or not, Jason loved Genny and didn’t want to think about losing her. Whatever she wanted, he’d do it. “Have you ever heard the term ‘third’?”

Three Parts Love by Stephen B. Pearl

“Hello, Mr. Carter. I brought an apple for you, but I got so hungry waiting, I just had to take a bite. Is there something else I could give you?” Wyn bit her lip, taking on the aspect of a shy but wanton teenager.

“W-W-Wyn. Gods, you look… Here? Suppose we’re…”

Wyn pushed away from the desk and strutted up to Will. Each step making the muscles of her legs tense and flex. Will swallowed visibly as his face flushed red.

“Here, at school. But where else would an innocent girl like me meet a big handsome teacher like you, Mr. Carter?”

“Oh Gods, you even found the correct tartan.”

Wyn stopped half a pace in front of her husband and lightly ran a finger from his temple down to the center of his chest. “You are my favorite teacher, Mr. Carter. I always enjoy our study sessions so much, and I certainly hope I get a good grade in your class.” Wyn donned an innocent little girl face.

Will pulled her violently against his chest and crushed his lips to hers. He ran his hands over her taught, lean body, and one moved to caresses her breast through the material of her bra. Finally the kiss broke.

“Oh, Mr. Carter. Whatever would my parents say?” Wyn reached down and clutched his erection through the material of his pants.

“Who bloody well cares?” Will’s face was full of passion and a dark fire smouldered in his green eyes. After three years of marriage Wyn knew the signs and relished what was to come.

The moods of her man never failed to amaze her, and she’d secretly named them. William was compassionate, tender, sweet, and open. Vulnerable, yet strong and supportive, a gentle joining that blurred the boundaries of self and made two one.

Will was controlled and masterful, focused on her pleasure, and skilled beyond belief. He brought her to heights and held her there but never let himself fully relax. He was always in control. Intellect in the service of pleasure and the flesh.

Then there was Bill: wild, passionate, uncontrollable, more like making love to a hurricane than a man. A beautiful beast set on filling each second with mind-numbing sensation. A passionate animal that neither knew nor tolerated boundaries.

Each suited a different one of her moods. Bill could frighten her. It was so easy to lose herself in the pure animal nature of the act, but Goddess, how she loved the freedom. The right to release her own boundaries and just follow her instincts. The wildness he permitted her made right by the love that, even at its most animalistic, permeated the act between them.

BP_CoverSlide_EroticDecGIVEAWAY: Breathless Press will be awarding a $20 Breathless Press GC to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour, and a $10 Breathless Press GC to a randomly drawn host from the tour.

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  3. Oh, wow.. Some interesting selection of books with some to add to my growing TBR list

    Thanks 🙂


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