Dragon Master (Supernatural Bonds 9), Jory Strong

DragonMaster, Jory StrongDragon Master (Supernatural Bonds 9), Jory Strong

Dragons love treasure but nothing is more precious to them than their mate. Jubal knew Summer was his mate and his perfect submissive when his sister presented a picture of her. Jubal knew he would find a way to meet his mate. He finds Summer trying to obtain entrance to a BDSM club for which she needs to be accompanied by a Master. Jubal helps her gain entrance, he will be her Master for the night and all nights although Summer has yet to discover she has met her mate.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. I enjoyed Dragon Master the story was a good quick read. Even though this was book nine in the series I was not lost in anyway nor did I feel lost by jumping in the series so late. I liked the hero Jubal even though in the scene directly before he met the heroine, he made me think the book had added a villain he was so aggressive, but hey I liked it, a unique twist. I would read the other books in this series, I am curious now. This is a novella but there is still a plot, you see the h/h in the BDSM club, saving Summers friend and at Jubal’s place. I know those who love their BDSM stories to stick to the strict code, this is not that book, Summer feels safe with the hero right away, she trusts him immediately, it is a paranormal novella so if those elements annoy you…Don’t do it friend, this is not for you. If you are like me and you love the fantasy of it all then I think you will enjoy Dragon Master.

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