Hunk For The Holidays, Katie Lane (short review, Merry Xmas)

Hunk For The Holidays

Hunk For The Holidays, Katie Lane

Cassie McPherson, thinks she has hired an escort for her families company Christmas party instead she has ended up with their business rival as her escort. After a night in bed they discover they want more but what will happen when James let her in on his secret.

Bookswagger Danielle: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. The concept was not anything new, I loved the author’s dialogue and felt that is what made the book. The characters interactions had me laughing out loud. Hands down my favorite character was Aunt Wheezie, I could just imagine an old lady doing the things she did. James and Cassie’s attraction was believable even though it was a bit too quick. I liked them together but I really wanted to smack James for keeping his secret so long and his lack luster apology to Cassie and reason for keeping it from her.  There was an interesting sub story between Rory and Amy. I admit I would have preferred it if they would have had their own story. If you’re looking for a light story with lots of laughs this is the book. I know it made me want to go see my family.

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