The Ereader/Tablet Question I Keep Getting

The Ereader/Tablet Question I Keep Getting

I have been asked over and over by family, friends and readers one simple question. Why should I buy a Kindle Fire or Barnes and Noble Nook versus a tablet? Before the market was blasted with tablets at every price range this question was very easy for me to answer. Now it is much harder. I own a Kindle Fire, let me just put that out there, but would I go the Fire route again, I honestly do not know. These are the reasons I bought my kindle when I first made the purchase:

Ease of buying straight from the device
Already owned tons of Amazon formatted digital books
Ease of transferring my other digital reads to my kindle (the email to kindle)
Reputation and customer service (Not sure how I would feel if you asked me about customer service now)

Would I recommend a reader main function device now, I am not sure. As much time as I spend blogging or on social media and trying to keep up with my friends, peeps and other forums it would be nice to be able to write on the tablet or type so who knows, there are just too many choices. I am not an Apple person so that product line is not for me, I would love to know what device you are loving or what device you received or gave as a gift.

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  1. I just finished typing a post on a tablet and here is my assessment:
    Ideal tool for blogging – laptop
    Ideal tool for reading and commenting on blogs – tablet
    Ideal tool for reading books and other documents – e-ink reader

    The new e-ink readers with touch screens may also be great for reading and commenting on blogs – I will see when my Kindle Touch comes in next week.


    • Thanks, I am going to check your post out because I get cornered about this a lot. I almost feel like there are so many new devices or second, third generations of products, consumers want to upgrade or have the hot new thing. I try to make sure I am buying something because it will make doing the things I do easier and not get pulled into the hype because I am not loaded (yet).


  2. Well I know you don’t like Apple, but I have an iPad and I use it for everything. The only thing I can’t do on my iPad, is edits from my editor. That needs word which I do on my iMac. My husband works in IT. He always fought against going Apple. But now that he has, he won’t let us buy anything else.


    • Wow, so your husband loves it. See I am scared to go Apple because it is an expensive product line to love and I would have no clue how to use Apple products. But everyone does keep telling me the best so I am sure there is something to it. Apple is lobster and I can only afford the chicken plate.


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