Double Danger (A-Tac Series, 6), Dee Davis

Double Danger Dee DavisDouble Danger (A-Tac Series, 6), Dee Davis

As a Navy Seal Simon loses his best friend Ryan and is severely wounded. Unable to bare the tremendous amount of guilt and face Jillian, Ryan’s widow the object of his affection, he flees joining A-Tac. Much to his surprise he runs into Jillian years later at a hospital minutes before a helicopter crashes into the building. The crash was only the beginning in a series of suspected terrorist attacks. In order to put an end to the terrorist plot Simon and Jillian will have to depend on each other as well as the team. However, with the ghost of Ryan between them will they succeed?

Bookswagger Danielle: Five Crowns, major swagger a must read. I was a little scared to read this book because it was number six in the series and often times you can’t jump into a series this far along. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any problems picking up the story lines. It would have been great to have more background knowledge on the rivalry/hatred between the A-TAC and the Consortium but it wasn’t necessary.  This book was a great and I do mean great representation of Romantic Suspense. I tried to put the puzzle together while reading quite unsuccessfully I might add but it only added to my enjoyment. I love action movies and this book was right up the same alley, plenty of explosions and gun fights and a hunky man, what’s not to love.  JJ’s (I refuse to call her Jillian) and Simons chemistry was believable and added to the storyline. I liked that love didn’t make either character weaker, I felt they were stronger together and made for a great partnership.

I am hoping the author will continue with this series forever lol, I am going to put her down on my authors to watch list. If you’ve read the other books tell me which one was your favorite I’m thinking about going back and reading a few.

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