The Vampire, the Witch and the Werewolf, Louisa Bacio

The Vampire, The Witch and The WerewolfThe Vampire, the Witch and the Werewolf, Louisa Bacio

Lily Anima needs help, she is coming upon her thirtieth birthday and her powers are growing out of control. Powers she has no idea how to control or why she has them, she just barely acknowledged she even has them. She has traveled to New Orleans to obtain the help of Vampire Lawrence Justice and werewolf Justice Pack. She hopes they can help her with the mystery of whom and what she is. The three discover Lily Anima origins and that a vampire, witch and werewolf make quite a team everywhere.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. The Vampire, The Witch and The Werewolf was an interesting tale. Talk about a mixing of species. I loved how each hero had their own distinct individual personality. Personalities that meshed so well with their unique paranormal element even though it is not what we would typically expect of them. For instance a vampire who was up during the day and the more welcoming of the couple, although he was also the most distrustful of outsiders, the characteristics fit Lawrence Justice well, it is what you would want to see in a guy who has lived long enough to see the good and the bad in humans. You would want him to be able to recognize the good in a person and he did in Lily Anima even though she was an enigma which helped move the story along. Trevor was not to be left out, he was strong enough to be the ideal partner of a dominant paranormal male and still be an alpha. This ménage were made for each other.

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  1. I love New Orleans so I’m always looking for books that take place there. I like how you said the different species each had their own talent that they brought to the story.


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