Waking up With a Rake(Regency Rakes), Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe (Review)

Connie Mason and Mia MarloweWaking up With a Rake(Regency Rakes), Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe

Miss Olivia Symon is on the short list to marry a royal duke.  Former cavalry officer and spare Rhys Warrick cannot have that. Per his instruction he must make sure the virginal Miss Symon in no longer virginal and therefore no longer eligible to marry the royal duke. Warrick did not count on falling for Miss Symon, while performing the distasteful duties he has been blackmailed into.  He would walk away if it were not the only way he could clear his name.

Bookswagger Marcia: Two crowns, swagger jacked. I have read Mason and Marlowe. All I want to know is what the, I mean what happened. I love Connie Mason historical romances and I never saw me rating her so low but this was a tough read. Olivia Symon and Rhys Warrick were likable characters in fact very much so, the plot was interesting yet the story was boring. I struggled to finish. I kept waiting for something to happen and when it did I was past 50 percent. I don’t know if there was to much dialogue and not enough action or because it took so long before anything of substance actually occurred. Will I give the series another shot, I am not sure.

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