Dangerously Mine, A.M. Griffin (Review)

AM GriffinDangerously Mine, A.M. Griffin

Earth is no longer the place of our dreams, conquered by aliens. Eva is taken after running for her life and her comrades killed. She is being sold on an alien planet whose sellers find her martial arts skills a hindrance to her sell. Visiting Warrior King Taio, finds slavery distasteful and the planets that allow them disgusting. When he sees the slave trader breaking the rules in the treatment of the slave he intervenes and finds himself the owner of a slave he cannot giveaway.

It is against Taio’s belief to own a slave, women are not to be treated roughly, in fact no one on his planet owns a slave but she is his. Eva finds herself falling for Taio but still has to find a way to be herself, she is not a delicate female content to sit on the sidelines dressing in pretty things and coddled. Once she finds out she is the only slave on his planet and he can release her and he is also hiding other things from her all hell breaks loose.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I waffled between three and four stars simply because of the ending, It was a little quick on the forgive on the heroines part. But maybe I am an evil chick. So I will not hold that against the author, lol especially when everything was so good. I loved the world, and the funny dialogue. The aliens did not know the heroine was laughing at them and oh how I sympathized with Eva. There was a scene, I don’t even know how to describe it without it turning into XXX, but in one scene because one of the heroes want to be brides, wanted to know what spell Eva cast over King Taio to make him so into her, she tried to force Eva to show her, you have to check it out. I have read more romances then I can count but I have never read that.

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