Love Beyond The Curve (Giveaway/Tour)

ET Love Beyond the curve Book Cover Banner copyLove Beyond The Curve, Kate Patrick

Charlotte is shocked to find her new landlord, Reed Jackson, is tall, dark, and gorgeous.  The two become fast friends, enjoying times spent together, more than times apart. Charlotte can’t believe that Reed finds her curvaceous figure incredibly sexy.  Can Reed convince her he wants to be more than just “friends with benefits”?

Will Charlotte and Reed find… Love Beyond the Curve?

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Charlotte Hamilton is the good guy’s girl, the sexy curvy girl who does not know her own appeal. She cannot wrap her head around the fact her landlord Reed Jackson with the hot skinny girlfriend wants to get to know her better. Don’t be mistaken by the Bookstrand Publisher this is not an erotic tale. I know when I see this publisher I automatically think XXX rated and I have no problem with that but this is more of a love story with nice romantic scenes, so only a few flames.

I enjoyed seeing Charlotte and Reed come together. I admit I did think she protested a little too much but that does seem to be the case with these tales, it was not enough to make me want to hide behind my hands or hurl my kindle. In part due to the authors set up, Charlotte’s background of past relationship woes due to her weight was realistic and I could see why she would want to reach out but not want to touch the hot pot or in this case hot man.

Charlotte was a likeable character, not someone you would feel sorry for, she was confident yet vulnerable. We see her comfortable in her skin and her capabilities as a nurse. Yet we see her as a woman falling for the hot guy and those realistic thoughts of, what is he thinking, wait he shouldn’t pick me up I am too heavy to I look hot I know he wants this. It’s all part of what we women do!

Author Giveaway: Kate will be awarding a $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card to a randomly drawn commenter at the end of each week of the tour; and a $25 Visa Gift Card to one randomly drawn commenter at the end of the tour (Don’t forget to leave your email address).

Tour Ends 2/15 To follow: LINK

Excerpt: “Okay, Sassy, as you wish.” He turned her around and promptly stuffed the hose down the front of her cut-offs, with the water running full force.

She gasped at the shock of the cold water hitting her hot skin without warning.  Both of them looked down to watch the front of her shorts darken as the water soaked them and poured down her long, tanned legs.

“Well, now, what do you have to say about that?”  Reed stepped back, putting his hands on his hips with a look of triumph on his face.

Not one to be outdone, Charlotte pulled the hose out of her pants and tossed it aside on the ground.  She put a sultry smile on her face and walked up to Reed, who was still smirking at her, loving every minute of her discomfort.  He was shocked when she placed a single fingertip on his bare chest and slid it down to the waistband of his jeans.  She proceeded to slide all four fingers inside the waistband and grasp it, jerking him up against her saying, “I’d say you have succeeded in making me thoroughly wet, Reed Jackson,”

She let go of his waistband, causing him to have to take a step backward to keep his balance, and walked away to the stairs, looking back over her shoulder at a slack-jawed Reed.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kate Patrick grew up in the South. She can’t recall a time in her life when she didn’t love to read. She remembers going to the library as a child where she devoured biographies and Nancy Drew mysteries. Her love of reading has continued into adulthood, but it is hot romance that she loves to write! While in high school and college, she and her sister began to write romantic stories about girls that met their dream guys who fell instantly in love with them. Even these early manuscripts were spicy enough that the need to “hide” these notebooks was a high priority when leaving the house!

Writing took a backseat to a teaching career, marriage, and motherhood, though books were constant companions. Love stories became a favorite, and began to take the place of mysteries more and more. About three years ago, the idea of writing was rekindled. Now, you can find her late at night typing away by the blue glow of her laptop screen.

She and her husband live on the Gulf Coast with their son and three quirky Pomeranians. When not writing or reading, Kate loves to sing, dance, and watch romantic movies, side-splitting comedies, and crime dramas. Spending time connecting with family and friends is an important priority for her as well.

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  1. Thank you for hosting today. I appreciate the positive review. You are the first person to get it. Lifelong weight issues can at times give a confident woman a “Jekyll & Hyde” reaction. Some days the “this is too good to be true” personality screams louder than the “I can take on the world” personality! 🙂 I must go to work soon,but will check back in to reply to comments as soon as I return. Hope everyone has a good day!


    • You are so welcome and as I live it I totally get it! Thanks for stopping by.


      • I really love the color scheme and design of your site. It is very eye-catching. The purple crown for your sight reminds me of Mardi Gras kings and queens. We are in the middle of Mardi Gras season right now! Parades and balls to attend all during the week and weekend if you enjoy that type of event. 🙂



  2. Loved the excerpt. This sounds like a fun book.


  3. Loved the excerpt. This sounds like a fun book.


  4. Have you guys read Fifty Shades of Grey yet? Omg…I blush reading it, with no one around. Fastest read I’ve accomplished in awhile.


    • My friend told me today I must be the ONLY person who hasn’t read the series! 🙂 I want to, but seem to always be pressed for time. I guess it will be the next book I begin when I finish the three I just purchased! Thank you for stopping by, and leaving a comment.



    • I have, I think the book was good for spotlighting the genre and putting shine on erotic romance. But I did read all three.


  5. I enjoy a book that takes on the issues faced by a woman who has weight issues. Thanks for the post I am adding this to my TBR list. Thanks Carin
    mawmom at gmail dot com


    • I felt it was a good theme to write about now. I love to read a story where the “Perfectly Imperfect” heroine gets the strong, intelligent man that has depth to his personality. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that he is extremely good-looking! 🙂 Thank you for your positive comments. Continue to follow the tour to read a new excerpt each day.



    • Exactly she can love herself and still have those realistic self conscious days my size 2/4 girlfriends do it as well just like good/bad hair days.


  6. omg, that excerpt was awesome. I can definitely see woman who have weight issues also be mistrustful with any guy who approaches. I also know a lot of men who don’t see a few extra pounds on a woman as a bad thing.


  7. Thanks for the great review and the hot excerpt, can’t wait to read more!

    fencingromein at hotmail dot com


  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by! I was so late, those evil day jobs I tell ya.


  9. Charlotte sounds like someone I’d want for a friend.


  10. Fun excerpt.



  11. Thank you for taking time to visit the tour here at Bookswagger. Click on the link above to follow the stops still to come. A new excerpt will be shared each day. Have a good week!



  12. Thank you so much to BookSwagger for hosting my Excerpt Tour today, as well as reviewing Love Beyond the Curve. I also want to thank Goddess Fish for making the arrangements for the tour. I am having a great time visiting each site, and meeting new people. Readers of romance are some of the nicest people one could ever meet! 🙂 Have a good week, and join me at the next stop if you have a free moment (HA!). 🙂

    Kate Patrick


  13. Sounds really good!!
    Thanks for the excerpt and the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com


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