X Marks the Scott, Victoria Roberts (Bad Boys of the Highlands, 2)

X Marks The ScottX Marks the Scott, Victoria Roberts

Declan MacGregor is the third son and all around ladies man. The only care he has is for family, which is the only reason he is at an English court chaperoning a Campbell. Lady Liadain Campbell saved his sisters by marriage lives. The healer, Lady Liadain is used to doing as she pleases, as the healer for the Campbell and all but forgotten half-sister, she is displeased with her new MaGregor bodyguard. When the two end up bound together for life in circumstances neither of them expected, they will have to decide lovers are better than clan enemies.

 Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I read book one in this series but did not realize it until I heard the previous heroine name mentioned, so this can be read as stand alone. I am a huge Highlander series fan and I am glad Mrs. Roberts is giving her spin on the era. We get what we expect, strong surly alphas, who are wicked handsome, high-spirited heroines, quirky clan members and I even shed a tear, so all the emotions were used in reading X Marks the Scott. If you have read book one, you will not be disappointed, we see all the old characters and we met Liadain in book one when she helped Declan rescue his sisters (see review here).

The relationship between Liadain and Declan was very hot and cold although in the beginning they had an amicable relationship, what I would consider a friendship. But once they realized they were attracted to each other and bound, sparks started to fly along with hurtful words. I know it was a way to keep the story moving forward toward a happily ever after so it did not bother me to much the predictability of it.

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