Hot Ticket, (Sinners on Tour, 3) Olivia Cunning, Review

Hot TicketHot Ticket, Olivia Cunning (The Sinners on Tour)

Aggie also known as Mistress V meets Sinner Bass guitarist Jace Seymour. Jace is looking for someone to provide him with the beating he needs, his way to relieve his doubts, stress, pain and feel pleasure.

Aggie sees behind the shield Jace puts up to protect himself from the world. She can be Mistress V but she would rather he give Aggie a chance. Aggie and Jace take each other for what they are without judgement but when Aggie digs deeper Jace has to decide if he is willing to let her be there for him.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read.  Jace and Aggie were an interesting couple. The series is full of unique couples, a few I want to read about others not so much. Jace and Aggie were likable and worked well together, their kink worked. Jace’s story was entwined with more history on band mate Eric, I won’t ruin it for you but the plot was interesting and it was nice to see the author entwine young Jace’s teenage years with Eric. Sad to say it was more interesting than Aggie and Jace at some points.

I was really looking forward to Aggie and Jace, I would recommend reading Hot Ticket if you are reading the series, if you want more details on what shaped Jace into the man he is.  I thought this was more of a story of how Jace came to be, what Eric meant to him,  a peek into the Sinners and Aggie was there to. Good read.

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