Defying the Odds, Kele Moon (A Battered Hearts Book), Review

Defying the Odds, Kele MoonDefying the Odds, Kele Moon (A Battered Hearts Book)

Melody Dylan is recently divorced and hiding out in the small town of Garnet from her abusive ex-husband. She meets Clay Powers, the man who is almost always alone for dinner in the diner where she is employed. Clay is not used to sweet women like Melody giving him the time of day, he is scarred from all his UFC fights and championships, the only women whom seem interest are groupies.

Melody has no idea she has landed in the land of prized UFC fighting but she knows she has begun to have feelings for Clay, although she does not want to get romantically involved because of her dangerous ex. Clay on the other hand wants to spend more time with Melody, he has been alone except for his foster brother and sister and likes the unexpected way Melody makes him feel.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. Sweet romantic read with action. I love stories with a down on their luck heroine who is swept off her feet by the rich beast. Melody and Clay are a cute couple, both awkward in their own way which fits their backgrounds. Don’t get me wrong Clay is 100% alpha male, how can a UFC Champion fighter not be he just has zero experience with real romantic relationships.

Defying the Odds is set in small town USA with a cast of supporting characters who bring comic relief and keep the story interesting. Some of the characters featured in the book will have their own stories and if the following books are anything like book one it is a series I will continue to read. I am a sucker for awkward alpha males, who want to be in love.  I have already added book two Star Crossed to my TBR pile.

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  1. This sounds really good and I am heading to find it now. Thank you.


  2. Drop me a line after you read it, I want to know what you think. Warning your going to want to read Romeo and Juliet’s story next! Lol


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