Grave Intentions, Lori Sjoberg (Review)

Grave IntentionsGrave Intentions, Lori Sjoberg

David Anderson is a reaper,  he was a soldier who offered his dying comrades ease in passing and ended up paying for it for over fifty years, serving time as a reaper. He collects souls who pass away unnaturally, shutting off all emotions in order to bear his duties.

Sara Griffith has spent her entire life denying things she cannot see. Being the daughter of a crazy woman who claims to have been able to see dead people and a grandmother who sees the future, the only thing she cares to claim is reality. Sara has made David catching him reaping and he has to make a choice to collect his last soul and be forever free of his reaper duties or save the woman who brought emotion back into his life.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked decent read. I enjoyed the world of reapers, fate and people serving time to gain a cooler after life (versus the hot place). The characters were the  best thing about Grave Intentions, which started a little slow but picked up nicely once the couple actually began to interact with each other. I can actually believe there are reapers walking around, this story made it believable. I would slate Grave Intentions as a contemporary romance with some weird stuff going on, since the focus of the book was not the paranormal elements. The paranormal elements were just a part of David’s job. The story was light on romance, it took a while for the characters to start interacting with each other. We spent a good time in the heads of David and Sara as they dealt with their everyday crappy life. I am sure we can all relate to the daily grind.

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