Wildcat (Cat Star Chronicles, 9), Cheryl Brooks (Review)

WildcatWildcat (Cat Star Chronicles, 9), Cheryl Brooks

Jerden left his Zetithian Palace brothel to be alone and away from the death jealousy can aspire. He has not wanted or had the desire to touch another woman since the tragedy. He has the hordes of animals that he provides shelter for the latest being the horse belonging to Sara Shield.

Sara just wants her horse back, she has put so much money into him he is part of her dream and she needs her stud. She is willing to do anything even if it means being around Jerden a man wanted by every single and some not so single female who has ever heard of him, except her. She does not do attraction, never has, she does reality and knows men do not find her attractive.

The two are thrown together by a healing horse who knows whets best for the master who bought him and the one he chose.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Wildcat was a decent read, I think the scifi elements and the fact I was familiar what the characters and was already invested is what kept me reading and helped round the story up to three crowns because if I did half points it would have been a 2.5… I really enjoy scifi romance and this story reads like a frontier story since you are not on a space ship or alien world or dealing with the unknown. We are on a peacefully settled terra like planet and Sara is simply trying to establish herself as a horse breeder while contending with a stud horse that defects to Jerden which throws the two together because they have some type of connection and an evil neighbor who wants to marry Sara for all the wrong reasons. Sara and Jerden road to romance is not very rocky just a little bumpy overall decent reads fans of the series will want to catch up with the gang who pop up at the wedding.

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