Five Star Romance, Jacquelin Thomas (Review)

Five Star RomanceFive Star Romance, Jacquelin Thomas

Blaze Alexander and Livi Carlyle have history. A wild time in Vegas leads to more than either one of them expect. Livi remembers everything unfortunately Blaze only remembers most of the trip but not the most important night of all. He does remember he wants Livi in his life. After a few years of longing for her he finally sees her in his family’s hotel, he knows he wants to spend more time with her to see what can be.

 Bookswagger Marcia: Two Crowns, no swagger, hard read. The traditional harlequin trope of a secret between the hero and heroine was nicely done in the beginning because I was expecting a baby, Thomas did a nice job of stringing me along. This kind of had a presents feel but without the explosive feeling. The hero Blaze and heroine Livi have a history so they were able to skip a lot of getting to know you stuff and get right to a relationship which is what harlequin readers have come to expect. A fast story with a massive problem that breaks the hero/heroine up, something almost soap opera outrageous and amnesia after a night in Vegas fits the bill. Only this was a hard read for me. I kept putting it down and even when I want to love a story or authors book I have to keep it one hundred. I think harlequin fans and multicultural fans will find the book okay but you may be a little disappointed because not as sweet and spicy as you would expect. The Alexander family is interesting though.

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