Edge of Dawn, Lara Adrian (Review)

Edge of DawnEdge of Dawn (Midnight Breed 11), Lara Adrian

Everyone knows they exist and Mira has everything she needs, acceptance in the order the one thing she has always wanted, other than Kellan. She does not have Kellan Archer, the breed who stole her heart at a young age. It has been years since his disappearance and assumed death but she cannot move past her love for him or his loss.

When she finds out he is alive and the leader of a rebel band, she tries to fight her feelings for him. Unfortunately even hurt by his betrayal she cannot get over her love for him and her happiness he is not dead.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Edge of Dawn was an okay read, I know I have said this before but if I had half ratings this would have been an in between. If you read the series you will probably buy the book to keep up with the characters and this was a much anticipated story so maybe I just hyped it up to much in my mind and let my own self down. I just love Mira and Kellan it just took too long to get to the great stuff. So expect a slow start, stick with it people it will get better I think a lot of the boring stuff in the beginning of the book was for readers new to the series. If I had to hear one more time how sad she was about Kellan and I admit I was sad about Kellan too but at one point I wanted to slap Mira and let her know. Ok chick this is a romance novel you are going to get a HEA please be patient you are killing me. But I digress, good read, heats up you may want to check it out at your local library first this is an expensive one even digital.

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