Wolf with Benefits, Shelly Laurenston (Review)

Wolf with benefitsWolf  with Benefits, Shelly Laurenston

Toni Jean-Louis Parker responsible older sister to a pack of genius younger brother and sisters is about to get her own life. No more scheduling or smoothing over their issues because they are too brilliant to be bothered with society on there way to conquering their perspective fields before puberty.

Good ol boy Ricky Lee Reed is just the wolf to assist her. He likes her because she brings the party to him even if her siblings are you my daddy routine threw him off his game a little bit. Throw in the all shifter hockey team, the rest of the crazy cast of shifters and it is almost a reunion.

 Bookswagger Marcia: Five Crowns, major swagger a must read. I loved Wolf with Benefits, this book reminded me of why I fell in love with Shelly Laurenston titles in the first place. I will admit I have not loved a few of her most recent titles, not that I hated them but I have not loved them on the level I am used to enjoying her books. Well the magic is back. A unique cast of characters, a Smith wolf and a heroine who is of a whole other shifter variety makes for an interesting read.

Toni Jean-Louis Parker is the oldest sister of a pack of brats, they are all geniuses and since she is the normal one she has made herself feel valuable by becoming indispensable to her mother and father, by practically giving up her life to help them conquer the world as gross overachievers. Well now she has had enough and with her father and two eldest siblings support she has to get a life. She takes a job as coordinator on the all shifter hockey team, Bo falls in love with her understanding and joins team get Toni Jean-Louis Parker a life.

Shelly Laurenston is known for pairing opposites and she continues that trend paring responsible Toni Jean-Louis Parker with a Smith, known for their good ole boy carefree ways. Rick Lee Reed falls in lust with Toni Jean-Louis Parker immediately, she brings the entertainment to him as he is fond of saying. Rick Lee Reed follows her to Russia to deal with slighted bears but the scariest of all he helps her wrangle her siblings so he can get to know her on a personal level, she even gets to meet his crazy mama.

If I had to describe this book in three words: Entertaining, Funny, Unique.

My bookclub is reading this next month, my pick so hopefully they love it or at least like it.

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  1. Elizabeth Dudak

    I am wondering if you could provide a good starter to fantasy romance books? They seem so popular and yet I have never read one. I know! So, if you can, I would appreciate it. Please and thank you.


  2. You are so lucky! You get to go in with a fresh perspective, I envy you. You should write a blog, post or something I would read it…”Contemporary Romance Writer loses paranormal romance virginity” lol.

    If you want to get into paranormal, I would try Katie Macalister. She is a on the light, funny end of the spectrum which is what I prefer. Everything does not have to be doom and gloom (I loved it in HS). Another fan favorite is Kerrelyn Sparks.

    So my recommendation is go light lol with:
    Katie MacAlister: She has more than one series, they all build upon each other and can be read alone. But all her dragon series started with Aisling Grey series Book 1 You Slay Me…On a side note my fav contemporary of hers is Men in Kilts.

    Kerrelyn Sparks: Her hot series all started with How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire.

    Lucy Monroe if you enjoy historical romances. Here is a historical in Scotland. Moon Awakenining, love it.

    Sorry I am trying to cap it but another good one is I’m the Vampire, That’s Why by Michele Bardsley the first in her Broken Heart Oklahoma series.

    These are light and from your book I thought you might like these. I am currently reading a book from Vicki Petterson because I saw her at a conference and her characters seemed really unique but can’t recommend yet.

    What are you reading?


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