Shadow Blade (Shadowchasers 1), Seressia Glass (Review)

Shadow BladeShadow Blade, Seressia Glass

Kira Solomon has powers, powers that have left her unable to touch other humans in fear of harming them. She uses her gift as part of a clandestine organization to fight evil. Kira can read objects, which helps her when she is given an ancient blade that can change the face of the world. The blade belongs to Khefar, a 4,000 year old warrior working his way toward forgiveness for crimes committed with his blade. The two fight their attraction for one another while working to keep the blade out of the hands of an evil being on the side of Shadow.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. The world was great, fully developed, Glass has a unique foundation to build upon. On the light and dark urban fantasy scale Shadow Blade is a nice middle ground, I foresee it getting darker as these reads tend to go that route. This is the first book in the Shadowchasers series so we just get a taste of the deeper developing relationship between Kira and the Nubian warrior Khefar. I enjoyed the Shadow Blade concept, the use of gods rarely mentioned and the characters actual interaction with their god. My favorite book by Seressia Glass is still Three Wishes though. So Shadow Blade was a unique read, this was my bookclub read and the concept was well liked, one major complaint was they wanted to get to the bedroom faster.

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  1. Thanks for the honest review. The cover is hot!


  2. Ha! They wanted to get to the bedroom faster…this sounds pretty original. I’m not that into really light urban fantasy, so this should be a good choice for me. Especially if you see it getting darker.


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