The Chieftain (The Return of the Highlanders 4), Margaret Mallory (Review)

The ChieftanThe Chieftain (The Return of the Highlanders 4), Margaret Mallory

Connor has much to contend with, rebuilding his clan and as chieftain it is his duty to protect his lands from rival clans determined to take over his lands, seek revenge and marry for the good of his clan. Ilysa the sister of one of his most trusted warriors and someone he would trust with his life, gift of sight is most valuable when seeking a marriage alliance. Unfortunately she is a lass of common birth and cannot help restore the clan to its former glory. Yet Connor and Ilysa find themselves wanting only each other and when the time comes for Connor to take a proper wife Ilysa will have to decide if she is strong enough to let the chieftain go so he can do what is best for their clan.

 Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. I have been waiting for Connor,  every reader of highlander romances loves to read about the laird. Connor and Ilysa had history so it was nice to see their story. This was a sweet read, about the foolishness of an arrogant Laird who thinks he knows best and the person Ilysa, who has really been holding his households down for years while he and his men have been rebuilding the clan. There are a lot of little plots and interesting twists along the lines of, you are not the father. Overall I enjoyed it.

Mrs. Mallory recently asked readers on her facebook page what they wanted from her, if they wanted another highlander romance or a new historical romance start…The response was overwhelmly for highlander, so I would say people are loving the series.

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