Wolf’s Promise (Caedmon Wolves 2), Ambrielle Kirk (Review)

Wolf's PromiseWolf’s Promise, Ambrielle Kirk

Selene cannot rest until she finds out what happened to Tamara, a voice over the telephone she was helping escape an abusive relationship. She cannot go on with living her normal life until she knows she is okay. She did not expect to find herself in the middle of an ongoing battle for clan leadership or to discover there is such a thing as shifters nor to fall in love with the Alphas number two man Nick.

Nick is taken by his clan’s enemy and never thought he would discover his mate while being held hostage as well. He has no choice but to save himself and her while hoping she can accept the beast he can become.

Bookswagger Marcia: Three Crowns, swagger jacked, decent read. Wolf’s Promise was a nice continuation of the series, I read book one and it was good to see Tamara again towards the end of the book although the focus was on Nick and Selene as it should be since it is their story. This was a quick read, the clan is still dealing with fallout from book one so it picks up from there although you will not need to read book one to read Wolf’s Promise.

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