Against the Edge, Kat Martin (Giveaway/Guest Post/Review)

Guest Post, Kat Martin


Of all the questions I’m asked, one of the easiest to answer is “How do you come up with your rugged heroes?”

Kat---Ventura-Star-(275by20First let me say that I LOVE writing about macho men and the women who love them.  Ben Slocum, the hero in AGAINST THE EDGE, is an ex-Navy SEAL turned private investigator.  They don’t get any tougher than Ben.

Which is good, because in order to find the missing son he didn’t know he had, Ben is going to need all the strength and courage he has to keep himself, his son, and Claire Chastain, the social worker who comes to Ben for help, alive.

So where do I find a hero like Ben?  Living as I do in rural Montana, rugged men still live there in abundance.  The guys cut firewood for their only source of heat, a wood-burning stove.  They work outside in subzero weather, hunt game for food, and break a hole in a frozen lake to fish.

A number of them are cowboys.  They aren’t afraid of hard work and they have great moral values.

Since there are few females in the Martin family and my husband has three grown sons, I’m around guys like these every day.  And of course, I’m married to one.  He’s retired now and spends most of his time writing, but even today, he wouldn’t back away from a fight as long as he believed he was in the right.

Two of my stepsons are outdoorsmen and love every minute of the rugged lives they live.  The other is a former Marine.

It’s handy to know the kind of tough men I write about, but if you happen to live in a city, or just aren’t around guys like that, try watching the military channel, or reading books written by former special operations soldiers.  Romance novels with tough, action heroes are great inspiration and tons of fun to read.

Traveling helps.  Small-town America is full of guys who still believe that right is right, men are men, and women are worth protecting.

Currently, I’m finishing AGAINST THE MARK, a book about a Texas country boy who works in the city.  He brings all his toughness and the good values he’s learned in Texas to L.A.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll watch for Ben Slocum and Claire Chastain in AGAINST THE EDGE.  And at the end of August, look for Ty Brodie in AGAINST THE MARK.

Love to know some of your favorite rugged heroes.    

Till next time, all best wishes and happy reading.  Kat

Giveaway: Mrs. Martin will be giving away an autographed copy of Against the Edge (US) to one commenter, please leave your email address because if you win I have to be able to email you to ask for your address. Also Mrs. Martin has a contest on her site you can enter:  Here

aGAINSTAgainst The Edge, Kat Martin (Review)

The hot, rugged former navy seal Ben Slocum finds Claire on his doorstop the morning after a hot night. To be told he has a son and that he is missing inspires all kinds of emotion in the man who never wanted to be the type of father he had. The only person he can slake his anger on is Claire. But how can you be mad at someone who wants to help you find your child as desperately as you.

Claire only knows what she has been told about Ben from his ex. He should not make her hot or think about a future together, it doesn’t help she loves his son like her own and wants to take apart those who have him as badly as he does.

Bookswagger Marcia: Four Crowns, good read, on the way to swagger. I am hard on suspense but this is the second book I have read in the series and the one I have been waiting on. There is just something about a hero who is gruff, but has a kind heart he just likes to hide from everyone. We get to see the type of man Ben truly is and he is a Rugged Man like Kat Martin describes him. The action was nonstop and when there was no action i.e. guns, racing to catch a plane. Ben and Claire were embroiled in steamy sexual tension. If you enjoy romantic suspense this is not one you will want to miss, there is a hot ex navy seal, who thinks his heart can withstand the nice, with a core of steel social worker.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.Love the cover.



  2. I’ve really enjoyed your historical romances over the years. I think you’re a lovely author and I can’t wait to start on this book.
    Thanks for the review and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Contemporary romances are not my genre of choice however I will try this one based on your review and Mrs. Martina’s writing style.
    Although I was born in the Midwest I have lived in South since I was 9 years old. I reside in an area that still believe in holding doors open for women, saying yes ma’am and no sir (respectfulness), and have no problem standing up for what they believe. Hunting and fishing are the norm here. I’ll never forget my sisters response to being back in the south after an extended stay in California. She said I forgot how nice it is to get a door held open for me or a yes ma’am. Some things never get old 😉
    So as to your question above- my hubby is my rugged hero.
    lorih824 at yahoo dot com


  3. The book sounds very intriguing, I can’t wait to read it.



  4. Diane Sallans

    I do love a rugged hero! I’m wondering if Kat’s real life rugged men ever stop and wonder if something they’ve done will end up in a book.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com


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